COVID-19 Fear Sparks Domestic Tension: Howard Stern’s Struggle with the New Strain

Renowned radio host Howard Stern confessed his fear of the new COVID-19 strain led to heated arguments with his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern. The 69-year-old shock jock admitted to being ‘scared’ and ‘neurotic’ about the virus, causing friction in his marital life.

During a segment of his Sirius XM radio show, Stern candidly shared his paranoia about the virus, particularly the new strain. His wife, Beth, who is considerably younger at 51, does not share the same level of concern, leading to disagreements between the couple.

This tension was brought to light when a guest caller questioned Stern about the risk of returning to the studio amidst warnings of another COVID-19 outbreak.

Stern’s fear of contracting the virus has been a significant burden on him and his relationship.

He revealed, “I’m going crazy with this. My wife yelled at me last night. We got into a fight.” Stern’s anxiety stems from his belief that he would be severely affected by the virus due to his age.

He expressed his frustration with people downplaying the severity of the disease, stating, “Everyone goes, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a cold for me.’ It’ll probably be way worse. You know what I mean? I mean, I’m the lucky one who will completely fall apart.”

Beth’s social activities have also been a point of contention.

Stern explained, “Beth has a bunch of plans. She has like a wedding shower to go to and lunch to go to with a friend and a dinner and a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, you know, we’re really making an effort.”

“We go out to restaurants. We went to the Ed Sheeran concert. We’ve really been out there. I haven’t gotten COVID. I’m like, you know what? If I get it, I get it.”

However, the announcement of a new strain of COVID-19 and its rising cases further fueled Stern’s fears. He expressed his exasperation at the thought of going back into lockdown just as he was beginning to venture out again.

The radio host also shared details of an argument with his wife over his COVID concerns. He recounted, “She goes, ‘That’s what you do. Every time I say I’m going to do something, you bring up COVID.'”

Stern admitted to being scared and asked if his fear was unjustified. Despite their disagreement, Stern did apologize to his wife after the argument, expressing his fear and concern about the situation.

Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers, humorously defined a neurotic as “a person with no real problems, but who makes them up.” To which Stern responded, “Yeah. I make a ton of problems.”