Surviving Communism: A Chinese Immigrant’s Perspective on the Left’s Gun Control Agenda


As an immigrant from China, I have experienced firsthand the devastation of living under a communist regime. The suppression of basic human rights and freedoms, the fear of speaking out against the government, and the constant threat of violence are all too familiar to me. That's why when I came across an article discussing the push for stricter gun control laws by the left, I couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency to share my perspective.

Growing up in China, I witnessed the government's control over every aspect of our lives. From the media we consumed to the information we were allowed to access, the communist regime had a tight grip on our society.

But the most alarming aspect was the complete ban on private gun ownership. The government justified this by claiming it was for the safety of the people, but in reality, it left us defenseless against any threats to our safety and freedom.

Now, as I see the left in the United States advocating for similar gun control measures, I can't help but feel a sense of déjà vu. The arguments used by these gun-grabbers echo the same rhetoric I heard from the communist leaders back in my home country. They claim it is for the greater good and for the protection of the people, but in reality, it is a dangerous step towards government control and oppression.

One of the biggest misconceptions about gun control is that it will make society safer. However, as someone who has lived in a society where guns were strictly prohibited, I can attest to the fact that it only makes us more vulnerable.

Criminals do not follow laws, and the absence of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens only emboldens them. In China, the black market for guns was thriving, and only those with connections to the government had access to them. It was the innocent citizens who suffered the most.

Furthermore, the right to bear arms is not just about self-defense. It is a fundamental right that serves as a check against government tyranny. Our founding fathers recognized this when they included it in the Constitution. As someone who has lived under a tyrannical regime, I can attest to the importance of this right. It is our last line of defense against an oppressive government.

But beyond the practical reasons, there is also a cultural aspect to gun ownership in America. The left fails to understand that for many of us, owning a gun is not just about protection or hunting, it is a way of life. It is part of our heritage and a symbol of our freedom. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Stripping us of this right would be stripping us of our identity.

In conclusion, as a Chinese immigrant who has survived communism, I implore the left to listen to the voices of those who have experienced the devastating effects of strict gun control laws. It is not the answer to a safer society, but rather a slippery slope towards government control and oppression. Let us learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes. The right to bear arms is not just a constitutional right, it is a symbol of freedom and a safeguard against tyranny. Let us protect it at all costs.


  1. Little David thinks he is “Boss Hogg” . He is living proof that a bit of education without common sense is a dangerous thing . Hogg paints himself as a survivor of a school shooting when in actual fact he was not even in the school when the shooting occured but at home . When he heard about the shootings he by his own admission jumped on his bicycle and pedaled himself back to the school to insert himself into the goings on and make lot of noise about how terrifying it was . But it wasn’t terrifying for him , he wasn’t there . By the time he arrived , police had pretty much taken the shooter down and secured the area .
    I would question Hoggs motives though . Was he privy to the shooters actions and not on campus at the time of the shootings ? Were the days events part of a plan so he could be a spokesperson against gun ownership . And I would wonder , does Hogg himself have any illicit firearm for his own personal protection ?

  2. I read with interest your article and reply to the left-wing progressive movement in this country that wishes to see stricter gun control laws. I do not believe it is the general consensus of that group of people that all guns be outlawed. Rather, that there be certain restrictions.

    You were brought up in the world completely different from that of America. You lived in a communist country where oppression was the tool used to rule the people. That was never the case here in the US.

    Today, people do need to protect themselves. But the issue is not one of protecting themselves, but of the types of weapons that they have access to. The weapons of mass destruction that we have seen used in schools, shopping centers, businesses, etc. have no right being in the arms of the general population. If America needs all of its citizens to bear such arms, then there is a bigger problem than anyone American can take on because that means a total invasion of our country beyond our borders with muscles, palms, and millions of troops descending upon our shores. You can have a stockpile of automatic weaponry, but it’s not going to change the outcome if we are under such an attack.

    You mentioned the forefathers. When they wrote of the right to bear arms, it was sold out the United States, a country not yet developed enough to have a strong military, could enact its own militia from all those who had guns into service for the protection of our country. Today, the United States has the strongest military in the entire world. We no longer worry about Russia. We worry about China. But China will not kill the golden goose which feeds it to people and which is enriching the unsavory politicians of Communist China. China will always have a problem feeding its people because of a sheer population size. A population which ancient emperors promoted so that they could enslave the people into building great walls, defending its borders, building its palaces, and serving them.

    America has never been like that.

    So if we go back to the reasons the forefathers wrote for the protection of arms, or right to bear arms, it was for the safety of the country. Certain types of guns, especially those called “automatic assault weapons“ are the new danger to the country. They are declared as instruments of dangerous propensity. So our cars. That means that they can cause a great danger if carelessly used or use maliciously. As we regulate do use of cars I licensing them so they know who the owners are and who teach drivers and license drivers, we should also deal with guns. They claim that they will lose their privacy and be targeted in the event there is some great invasion upon our land. We are all ready, as a world, under attack by computer viruses and hackers. But they aren’t after our guns. They are after our money. They believe that money will control the power, not guns. Only the lawbreakers, the warmongers and the evil cartels and mafias are the ones who would be interested in who has certain types of arms at their disposal. And thus far, in the United States, we are pretty much safe from such organizations and people who reside in places in Africa, the Middle East, China and Russia, and South America and middle America so, if more people were required to register their guns, all guns, it would be a safer world, at least here in the US. Then, individuals with mental deficiencies or imbalances will not have access to them hey so to kill young children, social workers, college students, and ordinary people out shopping, partying and doing all the other things that living in a land of liberty allows them to do.

    Your comments are a generalization cast upon the whole group. The left is not right. And the right is not wrong. A true later is one who can balance, come to a common ground and point out and have people believe in the prudence of their actions. Much of the ugliness that we see in America now is because we have become a two party system and the election process of our leaders. Most members of either party do not agree with every position of their political party. But they are forced to adhere to it so they’ll be supported by the party it is my belief that the two party system between how operate under should be totally abolished. That would allow the best leaders coming forth to represent the greatest number of people, working together for the greatest possible outcome of the common good.

    Know my dear young American. A society with no controls an instrument of dangerous propensity is the promotion of a society of anarchy. Part two, a society that is so open one’s total control of such instruments allows for the true and real dangers we face today.

    A true democracy is based upon one vote for one person based upon their own religious, moral and ethical values. Our democracy is not a democracy when it forces people to take sides. In doing so, one gives up its liberty and its freedoms.

    Compromise, with ethical liters in a land that was designed to overcome the tyrannies of the past and those that will come in the future is and always will be the foremost concern of the United States of America.

    I do not fail to empathize with you. I just do not totally agree with you. I respect your viewpoint from where you have been and I ask that you consider my Apologetics in the defense of mine.

    If I was the leader of this great country, we were truly have more harmony and respect , leading the rest of the world in humanity and wisdom.

    As always, I end by calling on the Greatest Power to have ever existed, who taught us the right way to live:

    God Bless America!
    Gid Bless The United States of America!


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