Shocking Revelations in Delphi Murder Case: Teens Allegedly ‘Ritualistically Sacrificed’


In a shocking twist to the infamous Delphi murder case, attorneys for the accused made a sensational claim that the two teenage victims were ‘ritually sacrificed’ by members of a pagan Norse religion and white nationalist group known as ‘Odinism.’

This startling revelation has added a new layer of complexity to the already convoluted case.

The victims, Liberty German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, were brutally murdered while hiking through Indiana’s Delphi Historic Trails on February 13, 2017. The prime suspect in the case is Richard Allen, 50, who was arrested last year.

However, his legal team is now challenging the evidence collected during a search of his home, arguing that authorities failed to disclose crucial information linking the murders to Odinism.

The defense attorneys have submitted unsealed legal documents stating that the girls were ‘ritualistically sacrificed’ by members of Odinism, a pagan Norse religion hijacked by white nationalists.

They argue the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit found the individual(s) responsible for the homicides were involved in Nordic beliefs. However, they claim due to incompetence or intentional oversight, those leading the investigation refused to arrest or properly investigate these obvious suspects.

The defense also alleges that there were other potential suspects linked to Odinism who were ignored by the police.

They point to a man from Logansport who posted social media images mimicking runes found at the crime scene shortly after the murders. Despite his suspicious behavior, he was cleared as a suspect within 30 days of the murders.

Furthermore, the defense argues that Allen cannot be linked to Odinism or any other pagan religions or white nationalist groups. They maintain no forensic evidence connects Allen to the crime scene and insist that there were ‘Odiniate suspects’ overlooked by the police.

The defense’s argument also includes claims of a cover-up. They allege that a former top cop sent a letter to prosecutor Nick McCleland, stating there were men who practiced Odinism in or near Delphi with another group in Rushville.

However, this information was allegedly concealed from the defense, which they argue is crucial for Richard Allen’s defense.

In a chilling detail, the filings state that ‘runes’ were left around the girls’ bodies, made out of ‘sticks, tree branches,’ and an ‘F’ symbol ‘using the blood of Liberty German.’ This evidence, they argue, points to a ritualistic sacrifice associated with Odinism.