RFK Jr. Exposes Fauci and NIH Kickbacks on Dr. Phil


In a recent interview with Dr. Phil, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. left the host and viewers stunned with revelations about significant financial kickbacks received by Dr. Anthony Fauci and high-ranking officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from pharmaceutical companies like Moderna.

Kennedy, an independent presidential candidate, detailed how these officials personally profit from vaccine sales, describing it as a clear conflict of interest.

Kennedy explained that about 50% of the FDA's budget comes from the industries it regulates, mainly pharmaceuticals, leading to what he calls "agency capture." He emphasized that the NIH owns half of the Moderna vaccine, meaning the agency and certain individuals within it benefit financially from its success.

Dr. Phil was visibly taken aback, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the ethical implications. He questioned why such significant conflicts of interest aren't more widely discussed, to which Kennedy responded that censorship and media bias prevent these issues from being aired.

This interview underscores Kennedy's ongoing critique of the close ties between federal health agencies and Big Pharma. He argues that these relationships compromise the integrity of public health decisions, prioritizing profits over people’s well-being.

Republican commentators have echoed Kennedy's concerns, pointing to this as evidence of systemic corruption within federal health agencies. They argue that such financial entanglements undermine public trust in health recommendations and policies.

Kennedy's revelations have sparked renewed calls for transparency and reform in how health agencies operate and are funded. Critics insist that without addressing these conflicts of interest, public health decisions will continue to be driven by financial motives rather than genuine health concerns.

As the 2024 election approaches, this issue is likely to gain traction among voters who are skeptical of the current administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine rollout. Kennedy's stance appeals to those who demand accountability and ethical governance in public health.


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