Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons: A Chilling Tale of Murder and Redemption


Raphael Rowe, the renowned host of Netflix’s gripping docuseries “Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons,” recently revealed a chilling incident that occurred shortly after filming the latest season.

An inmate featured in the new season was brutally murdered mere weeks after gaining his freedom from one of the world’s most formidable prisons.

Rowe, who spent a week in Finland’s Kylmäkoski prison for the series, shared this harrowing news exclusively with the Daily Mail. He chose to keep the identity of the victim anonymous out of respect.

This tragic event underscores the harsh reality of life for many inmates, even after their release. They often find themselves trapped in violent environments where survival is a daily struggle.

During his time in the Finnish prison, Rowe encountered inmates Toni and Olli, two individuals who committed a horrific kidnapping and torture crime.

Despite the opportunities for work and education offered in the prison, they chose to spend their time bodybuilding and tattooing each other with a makeshift tattoo gun crafted from an Xbox controller.

Toni, who was preparing for his release at the end of the episode, expressed his hopes of running a business with Olli and becoming a good father to his unborn child.

However, the brutal murder of the unnamed inmate serves as a stark reminder of the grim realities that await many prisoners upon their release.

Rowe’s experience in the prison was not without its challenges. He admitted to feeling intimidated by the ‘tough guy’ personas that the prisoners often put on. There were moments when he feared for his safety, especially in areas of the prison devoid of security cameras, such as his cell.

Despite these fears, Rowe also encountered signs of potential reform among the inmates. He met Janni, a prisoner halfway through his four-year sentence for a serious violent attack.

Janni, who had become an expert at making traditional rugs on the prison’s loom, was committed to planning for a better future. He already had a house and a job lined up, indicating a genuine desire to turn his life around.

The brutal murder of the unnamed inmate serves as a grim reminder of the harsh realities that many prisoners face upon their release. It underscores the importance of rehabilitation and support systems for inmates both during their incarceration and after their release.

Rowe’s experience in Finland’s Kylmäkoski prison, as well as the tragic fate of the unnamed inmate, are featured in the new season of “Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons.”