How Government Regulation is Infiltrating Everyday American Life


It’s becoming increasingly clear the government’s reach is extending far beyond its original mandate. The founding fathers envisioned a constitutional republic where citizens enjoyed freedom and autonomy. However, the current scenario paints a starkly different picture.

The transition from a constitutional republic to a so-called “democracy” controlled by a ruling elite has been so gradual that many remain oblivious to this seismic shift.

This change led to an unprecedented level of government involvement in our daily lives, often under the guise of environmental protection or societal welfare.

A closer look reveals a disturbing trend – the government’s increasing desire to regulate, restrict, or even ban common aspects of our lives.

These range from everyday items like wood stoves and gas generators to more significant areas such as air travel and national citizenship. Even the ability to procreate and reproduce is under scrutiny, with plans to replace natural conception with artificial insemination and lab-grown designer babies.

This regulatory overreach isn’t limited to physical items. The government is also making strides towards digitizing various aspects of our lives.

Physical cash and coinage are being phased out in favor of digital, programmable money. Similarly, traditional ID cards are being replaced by digital and biometric identifiers such as facial ID, palm scans, or eyeball scans.

The implications of these changes are profound. They not only infringe on our personal freedoms but also make us increasingly dependent on the government for our survival.

Once the government gains control over food, water, energy, money, healthcare, and freedom of movement, we become entirely reliant on the system.

Moreover, the advent of technology has given the government new tools to exert control. Hospitals and international airports are already requiring face scans for entry.

It won’t be long before digitized biometric scans become a prerequisite for entering stores or restaurants under the pretext of safety and security.

This shift towards a digital world is part of a larger plan known as the Great Reset, which aims to phase out humanity 1.0 in favor of a new version – humanity 2.0.

In this new world order, only transhumans will be allowed in their utopia, while the remaining humans will be left to fend for themselves.