Flight Attendant Fights Back After Colleagues Try to Ground Her for Attending Trump Rally

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Alaina Trocano, a flight attendant, found herself in the midst of a storm after attending a speech by former President Trump on January 6th, 2021.

She joined hundreds of thousands of peaceful Americans in Washington, DC, exercising her First Amendment rights. However, her decision to attend the event led to an unexpected backlash from her colleagues, who attempted to put her on a ‘No-Fly’ list.

Trocano, who had previously served as a paramedic, was no stranger to advocating for others. But this time, she found herself fighting for her own rights. She questioned when her safety would become a priority, expressing concerns about the escalating hostility she faced both online and at work.

Her lawyer, Paul Davis, criticized American Airlines (AA) for their uneven application of policies towards Trocano. He pointed out that another AA flight attendant who attended the same event did not face similar harassment, suggesting a case of racial discrimination.

Davis also highlighted the retaliatory nature of the treatment Trocano received after she publicly stood up for her religious rights in relation to mandatory vaccination.

The ordeal began when Trocano shared clips of the event on social media. Despite being furloughed from American Airlines due to the pandemic, she was preparing to return to her job.

However, her posts sparked a wave of online attacks from fellow flight attendants, leading to a multi-year saga that culminated in a lawsuit against one of the alleged instigators and American Airlines.

The harassment escalated to the point where her personal details, including her home address and phone number, were shared online.

Despite an anonymous tip to the FBI, which cleared her within minutes, the abuse continued. Trocano was forced to endure numerous meetings with American Airlines, where she was interrogated about her actions on January 6th.

In 2022, Trocano took a public stance against the vaccine requirement on public transportation.

She was among nine flight attendants who filed a lawsuit against the CDC over the federal mask mandate on public transportation. Despite these challenges, Trocano remained steadfast, even as she was diagnosed with PTSD due to the ongoing harassment.

The online attacks have persisted, with some even occurring in work-related discussion groups. The airline’s apparent lack of action in addressing the issue has further exacerbated the situation.

Now, after more than two years of enduring harassment, Trocano has taken legal action against one of the flight attendants who allegedly created and circulated a petition against her, as well as against American Airlines.

The lawsuit, Trocano v. Vivaldi et al, includes charges of defamation, negligent supervision, negligent infliction of emotional distress, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, and retaliation.

Through this legal battle, Trocano hopes to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and ensure that her rights, and those of others in similar situations, are protected.