Democratic Donors Withhold Funds, Demand Biden Exit 2024 Race


Prominent Democratic donors have taken a drastic stand, refusing to finance the party until President Joe Biden steps down from his 2024 reelection bid. The discontent stems from Biden's recent faltering debate performance and growing concerns about his viability as a candidate against former President Donald Trump.

In a shocking move, major Democratic financiers have signaled their reluctance to continue funding Biden’s campaign. One high-profile donor described Biden’s debate appearance as “the worst performance in history,” insisting the president must end his campaign to give the party a fighting chance in the upcoming election​.

This sentiment echoes throughout the party, with many strategists and influential figures expressing a desperate need for a new candidate. Democratic leaders are increasingly alarmed by Biden's declining approval ratings and his struggle to maintain support even within his base. They worry that his presence at the top of the ticket could jeopardize down-ballot races​ ​.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, speaking at a recent fundraising event, urged donors to “think long and hard” about the stakes, indicating a critical need for increased support to combat the formidable Republican challenge. Despite raising significant funds, there’s a clear message that more radical steps might be necessary to secure a Democratic victory​​.

The process to replace Biden is fraught with complications. The Democratic National Committee’s rules do not allow party leaders to directly remove him from the ticket. Any change would require Biden to voluntarily step aside, triggering an open nominating process at the convention. Potential replacements include Vice President Kamala Harris, Governors Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and J.B. Pritzker, among others​.

However, despite the clamor for change, Biden's campaign maintains that he remains the best candidate to face Trump. Campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz emphasized Biden's commitment to fighting for the middle class and framing Trump as a threat to democracy and reproductive rights. This narrative is seen as crucial for mobilizing key voter demographics, particularly in battleground states​​.

The debate performance, intended to reset the narrative around Biden’s campaign, instead amplified existing concerns about his age and fitness for office. With internal party pressure mounting, the coming weeks are critical as Democrats decide whether to rally behind Biden or push for a dramatic change at the convention​​.

The urgency for a decisive strategy reflects the high stakes of the 2024 election, where control of not just the White House, but potentially Congress, could hinge on the party’s next moves.


  1. Oh Please! All of America and her enemies knew what was happening and it had been getting worse all the time. The big money donors and the mainstream media are feigning surprise because they got caught in their lies. I want to know who has been playing potus behind the scenes.


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