Women’s Basketball Star Arrested in Russia

Women’s basketball is not something many Americans pay a lot of attention to, but it’s still out there.

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has some talented players who know how to slam dunk and dribble like professionals.

Like many other professional athletes in the NBA and NFL, however, the WNBA has its own problems with players getting into criminal trouble and abusing drugs.

One of those players is a woman by the name of Brittney Griner. With an arrest record including domestic violence, Griner is also a drug user; this recently landed her in a world of trouble.

Griner Gets Arrested in Russia

Griner is a talented athlete who won a gold medal at the Olympics twice. She’s also well regarded for her performance with the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team.

Though, she also has a drug habit and was recently nabbed in Moscow for having a hash vape pen in her bag. Drug dogs sniffed it out recently and she was then detained.

This happened about a month ago, in fact, but is only now being released. Griner could face up to ten years behind bars after her arrest at Moscow’s main airport.

The reason Griner was going to Russia is she plays overseas during the offseason and was going to shoot hoops and get paid.

This all occurred prior to Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, which has some speculating she was framed or had the drugs planted on her in order for Russia to use her as a hostage and leverage with the US.

Leftists have also expressed concern because Griner defines herself as a non-binary gender and is a black lesbian. It’s unclear how one can be a lesbian if one does not see themselves as a woman, but we’ll leave that to the college professors.

Griner’s Agent Responds

Griner’s agent opened up about what’s going on and said it’s now a private legal issue that the NBA and WNBA are also both involved in. Her agent said lawyers in Russia, as well as the league, are in close touch and working to get her out.

While they wouldn’t comment on the charges against her, they said they are worried about her health mentally and physically. It is not reported at this time whether Griner is being held in jail or out on bail or some kind of provisional release while awaiting a court date in Russia.

However, her league, lawyers, and agent say they want to get her home to the US as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Putin recently said US and NATO sanctions on Russia are a way of declaring war.

The chance he’s going to let an arrested basketball star go free without some kind of special deal from Joe Biden is close to zero.