Woman Duct Taped to Seat on Flight Gets Massive Fine

In the summer of last year, something bizarre happened on an American Airlines (AA) flight from Dallas, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina.

A lady was filmed duct-taped to her seat by airplane crews. This was after she reportedly started yelling and tried to open the door to the airplane in the middle of the flight.

Stories of passengers going berserk during COVID and onboard confrontations seemed to increase a lot over the past several years, as in the case of this lady.

In response, airlines like AA said they were going to get very tough on passengers who caused serious disturbances.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said people who harassed passengers and staff would face stiff penalties. Now, we’re finding out just how tough they were talking about.

Duct-Taped Lady Gets $81,950 Fine

The FAA has concluded its investigation into the woman who was duct-taped to her seat on the flight from Dallas to Charlotte.

The facts show the flight was on the runway in a big delay for over three hours. Passengers were stressed.

It finally took off and was near Charlotte, getting ready to land, when the lady in question started shouting that she required to get off the plane immediately.

She walked to the front door of the plane and tried to open it, which stunned the crew who then led her back to her seat. She bit one of them trying to do this, which then led to her being duct-taped to her seat.

Many expected after studying exactly what happened, she would be apologized to or given some kind of slap on the wrists for having a mental breakdown of some kind.

That’s not at all what’s happening; in fact, she is now required to pay a fine of $81,950.

Other passengers who cause disturbances are also getting notice of very hefty fines or being asked to leave planes prior to take-off.

This could be seen in a recent viral video of a woman in Portland verbally abusing a Trump supporter for his t-shirt and her being ordered off the plane in response.

The fines for those who act out mid-air are apparently working. AA says it has experienced a decline of over 60% in violent and disruptive behavior since a year ago.

More Disturbing Cases of Midair Madness

There have been other disturbing cases of passengers going berserk in the past few years. One example came on a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Atlanta, Georgia.

A lady on this flight started getting very frisky and trying to make out with a fellow passenger who didn’t want it. She then stood up, tried to also open the plane door, and bit someone who attempted to stop her.

She got a fine of $77,272, following investigation. Is the whole world going crazy or are we just seeing more of it because of social media?