Wimpy Leftist Comedian Patton Oswalt Writes Long Apology After Taking Selfie With Dave Chapelle

Patton Oswalt is a leftist comedian who usually plays characters that are shy, pathetic, and weak on TV. It turns out these aren’t just characters; they’re who Oswalt actually is.

This comedic Judas is now making headlines for a ridiculous and long apology he wrote after taking a selfie with comedian Dave Chapelle on New Year’s.

Chapelle has been on the outs with the woke comedy crowd because of some jokes about transgenderism. They want to cancel him and leftists at Netflix even tried to boycott their own network.

Now, Oswalt is scrambling to make up for his “crime” of taking a photo with his friend.

Has He Learned Nothing?

Oswalt has always been fairly liberal, but he used to actually have some funny material. He used to have a soul.

Over the past years, he’s turned into a cheerless gnome who just does whatever his leftist handlers tell him to do. It’s disgraceful.

After taking the photo with Chapelle, he did what you should never do when dealing with the woke crowd: he went on a giant apology tour about how he’s so sorry. He might as well have filmed an Instagram live of him crying, like AOC at the border.

This fool doesn’t seem to realize or care that apologies are like throwing chum to sharks for the woke crowd. They drink up the tears and apologies and start growling for more.

They don’t stop until they’ve destroyed your career and taken your soul. President Trump knew that, which is why he laughed in their faces and never apologized. Oswalt clearly still has a lot to learn.

What Did Oswalt Write?

In his apology for the photo with Chapelle, Oswalt wrote he does not agree with Chapelle and “100% disagrees” with him on gender identity. Nonetheless, despite that, Oswalt said Chapelle is a smart guy who’s also opened his mind in different ways.

He believes people always change and we shouldn’t cancel Chapelle for issues he still might be “evolving” on. In other words, Oswalt pleaded with his idiot Democrat supporters to be nice to Chapelle in case he still converts to their cult.

Oswalt urged us to stop living in so much “fear,” which is highly ironic, since his apology for the selfie is obviously because he’s afraid of not being politically correct.

This guy is a perfect example of what happens when you give the woke an inch; they take a mile. They will never let up until they’ve torn down every tradition, every fact, and every basic part of our lives. You cannot apologize to violent and deranged people.

At this point, the best thing would be for Chapelle to write up an apology letter to explain why he is friends in any way with someone like Patton Oswalt.