Will Smith Just Got in Big Trouble

A week ago, superstar actor Will Smith shocked the world when he walked onstage at the 95th Oscar Awards and slapped comedian Chris Rock as hard as he could.

The action came after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada’s short hairstyle, which is caused by her alopecia condition.

Following his onstage assault, Smith took his seat once again and began cursing Rock for his words about his wife Jada. The ruffled comedian continued his hosting job, obviously shaken.

Smith went on to win an Oscar for his film King Richard, and gave a tear-filled speech about his love for everyone and how he didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. He later apologized to Rock.

However, now Smith is finding out some consequences for being so hotheaded, and for an actor, these consequences are a fairly big deal.

Ten-Year Oscar Ban

The organization which hosts the Oscar Awards is called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. On Friday, they announced Smith is prohibited from taking part in the Oscars and attending for the next ten years.

This is a result of the academy meeting and talking over what happened with Smith’s attack on Rock. According to a statement, the academy said instead of being a “celebration,” their awards became filled with “unacceptable behavior,” which was Smith’s fault.

Smith said he fully “respects” and intends to listen to the ten-year ban from the academy; it’s worth keeping in mind that he already quit as a member last week, saying what he’d done was “inexcusable.”

Practically speaking, this means if Smith gets nominated and wins more Oscars, he just won’t be able to come get them or attend the awards.

Usually, the person who wins best actor becomes a presenter at the following year’s awards, but this role is out the window for Smith, who will be sitting and watching from home.

Thanking Rock

In announcing its ban on Smith, the academy also said it’s very grateful to Rock for not getting angry after the assault and “maintaining his composure.”

Since resigning from the academy, this also means Smith can’t help nominate people for Oscars anymore either.

Smith has apologized to Rock, but he’s also had a lot of people across the political spectrum arguing what he did to Rock was more or less justified.

Others have pointed out that Smith is in an open marriage and his angry outburst may be more to do with problems in his marriage and tensions with his wife than with being insulted by Rock’s words.

In other news, though, a recent video of Jada humiliating Will on camera has increased speculation that he is basically a prisoner in a toxic and unhappy marriage.