Will Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Survive Her Primary?

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has been a favorite target of the Republican leadership and of the left.

There have been multiple attempts to get her out of Congress; she also recently narrowly survived an attempt to disqualify her from the Georgia ballot.

The basic problem that some have with MTG is they claim she is a QAnon conspiracy theorist and radical who doesn’t respect the American system of government and democracy.

MTG claims it’s the opposite and says “globalists” are after her, trying to frame her for supporting January 6 and silence her voice.

She survived the effort to boot her from the ballot in Georgia. Now, the question is whether she can survive her primary and continue to be the GOP candidate for Georgia.

MTG’s Current Situation

As we saw in North Carolina, where Senator Thom Tillis and big GOP money lined up behind Chuck Edwards and got rid of Madison Cawthorn, when your own party turns on you, there can be big problems.

MTG is opposed by five other Republicans who wish to be the GOP candidate for her Georgia district in this year’s midterms.

The biggest threat to MTG is healthcare industry businesswoman Jennifer Strahan, who’s already raised close to half a million dollars.

Strahan also has several powerful political action committees (PACs) on her side and a lot of outside help flowing in.

She has kept her criticism of MTG fairly low-key, only saying MTG hasn’t been very “effective.” She also noted that Russia used clips of MTG as propaganda on its own networks and MTG is simply not fit for the job.

MTG made waves from the start after posts of her joking about violence toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surfaced, as well as numerous questions about how much she buys into the QAnon theories.

What Does the Record Say?

The truth is MTG is unlikely to go down the way Cawthorn did.

She has a lot more money than he did when he was beaten; she also won big in the past, booting out tough challenger John Cowan in the 2020 primary runoff, which led to her position in Congress.

The truth is MTG is much stronger politically than many of her critics would like to admit and has a significant amount of grassroots support.

Greene is going to be a bigger headache for party leadership and for Strachan than people would like to imagine. She is also a wildcard who has some of the “Trump energy” when it comes to drawing large crowds and getting attention.

The Bottom Line

MTG is likely to win this primary, but we will all see whether or not a win pans out for her very, very soon.