Why the Liberal Media Hates Florida

When most of us think of Florida, we think of sand, sun, and freedom. The Sunshine State is a favorite destination for retirees, but it’s also an up-and-coming place for entrepreneurs, young people, and those who still want a piece of the American Dream.

According to Joe Biden and our liberal media, however, Florida is a dangerous and lawless zone of people who don’t care about COVID and don’t believe in science. As usual, when it comes to leftist lies, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Truth About Florida

The truth about Florida is it believes more in science than New York or California. Unlike these states, Florida hasn’t imposed disastrous lockdowns, nor has it forced people to wear masks or get vaccines. It’s left decisions like that up to people’s own personal choice.

This made the left go berserk; they love to try to over-exaggerate Florida’s struggles with COVID and paint Governor Ron DeSantis as some kind of deranged psychopath. Now, Florida seems to have faded away as a topic. Where did it go?

Actually, Florida is just doing really well and has seen COVID cases fall drastically. Its approach to the virus is doing very well; unlike the lies of the left, Florida hasn’t seen these dramatic upticks in deaths or other issues that were promised and threatened by Biden in the media.

Average deaths from COVID in Florida fell 95% in September. That’s something you’re never going to hear from the liberal media; instead, you just suddenly see Florida disappear as a topic of the nightly news.

In our new Soviet system where the news is just used to push narratives, that’s how it works…

Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Didn’t Work

The truth is this: states that went overboard on lockdowns and mask mandates are doing much worse than Florida today. Even the vaccine hasn’t stopped cases and serious hospitalizations; meanwhile, firing healthcare workers who don’t get the vaccine seems like an even stupider move in states like New York.

Meanwhile, Florida has kept business going and kept the Constitution intact. DeSantis actually gives a damn about American freedom, and it shows.

According to the Democrats’ lies, Florida should be a smoldering heap of death by now, but it’s just as sunny and happy as ever. COVID hospitalizations are down by 70% and the state is using monoclonal antibodies to keep people healthy.

The Democrats lied, people died. DeSantis told the truth and it’s showing through…

Leftist Lies Are Failing

Slowly but surely, leftist lies are failing. When you see case after case where the threats and lies of the left have not come true, the doubts start to grow. When enough people’s doubts reach a high enough level, then the propaganda narrative begins to collapse.

We’re now seeing that happen in real time, and a large part of who we have to thank is Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida.