Why is the Left So Obsessed With Woke Ideology?

If you’ve ever heard the term “woke,” then you know it’s a growing problem on the left. The basic idea of being woke is you have opinions that are highly progressive, humanitarian, and socially conscious.

The reality of being woke is you get brainwashed, weak idiots spouting offensive and aggressive things all day which make no sense. None of this would matter, except for one very big problem: the woke cancer has infected our schools, government, media, and culture.

Waking up to Woke

Waking up to the danger of the woke ideology requires first understanding what it is. To summarize it really simply, woke ideology is cultural Marxism.

Economic communism hasn’t been very popular. In fact, hundreds of millions of people died from it in China, Cambodia, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and other nations. Therefore, the communists simply changed their tactics.

Instead of focusing on overthrowing the economic systems of healthy nations, they turned their attention to overthrowing their cultural systems. Woke ideology wormed its way into America in the 1960s through the counterculture “hippie” movement.

It started as the free love, drug-smoking early days and eventually led to today. The basic idea of woke ideology is authority is bad and anything moral, traditional, or normal is evil. It’s the rebellious teenager of ideologies, except far stupider.

Let Me Explain…

Woke ideology says anyone with power must have done something bad to get it. Woke ideology is all about resentment and bitterness. Wokeness is the worship of weakness and trying to use weakness and victimization to seize and hold power.

It’s disgusting false morality. Wokeness polices the use of words and tells everyone that anything mainstream, straight, wealthy, productive, majority, or conservative is the root of all evil.

It proposes a world of endless gender identities and atheistic nihilism. Wokeness is a world where criminals are celebrated as heroes and law enforcement are portrayed as Nazis.

It’s a world where having a happy family is portrayed as oppressive, and having abortions is shown as heroic. It’s a world, in other words, in which the left already lives!

Welcome to the Upside-Down

In the program Stranger Things about demonic science experiments gone wrong, there’s a dark world of monsters and mind control called the Upside-Down. If you get trapped in it, it can kill you…and it’s terrifying.

The woke left is in the Upside-Down. They think everything good is bad and everything bad is good. They are on a passionate crusade to dismantle the family, heterosexuality, discipline, masculinity, religion, and America itself.

The left is obsessed with woke ideology because they want to use it to seize power. If you notice, there is almost no detail about what leftists will do once they get rid of all the supposedly evil parts of white Christian society.

Do you know why? It’s because they only care about getting power and the real horror that would be unleashed if they do is beyond imagination. Let’s make sure they never even come close.