Why is Biden’s Department of Justice Giving a Free Pass to Six Chinese Spies?

It’s no secret that China’s our enemy. They have infiltrated this country at almost every level and they undermine our economy on a daily basis.

If that wasn’t enough, this communist dictatorship launched a global pandemic and directly threatens our allies like Taiwan with annihilation. There should be no debate about China’s agenda: they want to take us down.

Yet, we see people like Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley have worked to soft pedal China and undermine our military readiness against them.

We see leading Democrats like Congressman Eric Swalwell face zero consequences for carrying on a long-time sexual affair with a Chinese spy.

Also, now we see Biden’s Department of Justice dropping charges against six suspected Chinese spies who were caught red-handed in the United States. I wish I was joking.

GOP Demands Answers

The six Chinese-military linked spies had their charges dropped recently after being arrested in July of last year, and the GOP wants to know why. Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is one of those demanding answers.

He’s written to our Attorney General Merrick Garland to inquire about just what is going on. These Chinese “research” workers have direct ties to the Communist Party and Chinese military.

They were caught infiltrating our universities and trying to steal technology and trade secrets. At this point, it looks like the charges were dropped due to technicalities.

Apparently, the FBI made a legal error while arresting them without telling them their “rights.” Are you kidding me? Was the FBI just too busy tracking down every person who took a selfie at the Capitol on January 6 to properly arrest some Shanghai spooks?

National security is one thousand times more important than whether some heartless communist spy gets constitutional protection. The Constitution is for Americans, not hostile foreign agents trying to kill our country.

Jordan Questions Biden’s ‘Commitment’ to Facing Chinese Aggression

Jordan’s letter to Garland questions just how serious Biden and his regime are about taking on China. This is a very legitimate question.

We know China is celebrating Biden’s failure in Afghanistan and at our border, mocking him on a daily basis. Just several days ago, Huawei’s top ranking employee, Meng Wanzhou, was allowed to leave Canada and go back to China in a deal with the Department of Justice.

This communist creep let Huawei go around US sanctions on Iran and was held by Canada at the request of the US government. The truth is the DOJ has shown some promising signs of going after Chinese espionage and helped uncover various spies at our universities.

To see them now drop these charges is extremely disheartening. It’s not like these are random nobodies the DOJ persecuted.

One woman spy was Tang Juan who was working at UC Davis in California; she then fled to the Chinese embassy in San Francisco when she got wind of being under investigation.

She was sheltered by them, because she’s clearly a foreign agent. Although she was eventually arrested in July of last year, we’re now being told these charges won’t stick.