Why Biden’s Approach to Inflation is Making It Way Worse

America’s inflation is at the worst level in half a century. We’re told every day by our liberal media and politicians that the cause is the war in eastern Europe.

Though the truth is a lot more complicated; it looks a lot worse for the Democrats and big-spending policies of various administrations, including Republicans.

The fact of the matter is printing boatloads of money doesn’t solve economic problems or bring jobs back. The Biden regime is making our problem worse every single day with its approach.

Here’s why…

Biden is Making This Worse

Many countries around the world have fallen into the big-spending trap and money printing problem that we are currently in.

For example, the South American country of Brazil had huge inflation from the 1960s to the mid-1990s. The cause was fairly clear: its leftist government under liberal President Juscelino Kubitschek started spending as much as possible and raising taxes.

Inflation spiked and everyone, except the ultra-wealthy, began to suffer. It got so bad people would run to grocery stores to buy products before the prices were updated minute by minute with higher amounts.

We’re not yet anywhere near that bad in America, but we do see how gas prices and some products are going up in ways that are making daily life a struggle for working families and individuals.

The progressive left, led by Biden, likes to claim they are helping the poor and creating economic opportunity. However, the truth is that just like it was in Brazil in the 1960s to 1990s, inflation is a tax on the poor.

Those who don’t have enough money have even less. Those who already have a lot of money, like rich politicians from Delaware, do just fine.

They collect returns on their investments and pay the higher prices without thinking twice.

Rip Up the Blank Check

One of the reasons Brazil’s inflation lasted so long was that politicians liked it. It allowed them to promise donors whatever they wanted and keep spending like thieves.

It’s the same here.

Inflation in America today is actually much worse than the government is telling you, and all it takes is a trip to the grocery store or to buy a used car to prove it.

Biden and his regime have no real interest in bringing inflation down because they are spending like fools and trying to buy off the next election by writing blank checks.

Let’s put it brutally simply: Biden and the Democrats are writing blank checks for donors and special interests that are going to be cashed by the blood, sweat, and tears of our working families and poor.

The Bottom Line

Turning inflation around starts with sound fiscal policy. Step one of that is to put the brakes on the insane spending that’s been going on.

Trump spent heavily, too, but at least he had a roaring economy to back it up. We no longer have that luxury.