Why Are Democrats and RINOS So Obsessed With Destroying Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) is an America First conservative who represents the state of Georgia in Congress.

Her job is to represent her constituents, and these patriots want a woman who will stand up for our country and put real Americans first.

So that’s what MTG has done.

In the process of standing up for America and speaking her mind, MTG made some powerful enemies in the Deep State and the Democrat Party, who have repeatedly tried to force her out of office.

Here is why they’re so obsessed with a random congresswoman from Georgia who speaks her mind.

Why the Left Hates MTG So Much

Currently, the left has hired a number of lawyers to try to get MTG stripped of the right to run again for the House of Representatives in Georgia.

They are claiming comments she made in the last presidential election about 1776 and restoring liberty were a call to violence.

Everyone knows that is not the case, but even if she were engaging in irresponsible rhetoric like this, it’s her constituents who decide whether to send her to Washington, not some Democrat operatives who police speech.

The band of leftists and RINOs who are trying to kick MTG off the ballot call themselves Free Speech for People, which is actually hilarious, since they obviously don’t believe in free speech.

They want to hire a bunch of expensive leftist lawyers to try to frame up MTG for a few offhand comments she made including a reference to the 1990s film Independence Day.

Is MTG not allowed to like certain movies now?

There’s More…

What’s more is the efforts to get rid of MTG are very unlikely to work. Leftist activist groups have already tried similar tactics in North Carolina and Arizona and failed badly.

The leftists in Georgia who are ganging up on MTG are trying to say she helped foment a failed coup against the US government and therefore can’t run under the 14th Amendment.

This is a bold move by the left, who spent years trying to say President Trump was run by Russia as some kind of spy, despite having zero evidence.

Democrats tried to throw an elected president out of office using lies and bad intelligence for years. Though now they want to go after MTG for saying words they don’t like?

The Bottom Line

MTG is likely to still be able to run in Georgia, following this debacle, and if anything she’ll only gain support from all the free publicity.

The truth is that the left hates her because she’s just an ordinary woman who does not buy into the bull crap that the establishment is selling.

It’s as simple as that.