Who’s Really in Charge of Biden’s Insane Immigration System?

Many of us have been watching in disbelief as our southern border becomes a war zone. Joe Biden has managed to destroy almost all the progress made by President Trump and every week, the situation just gets worse.

As thousands of Haitians stream across into Del Rio, Texas and as the flood of unknown people and vehicles into the country continues, it’s worth asking who exactly is behind this invasion. One answer was recently provided by Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Kennedy Calls Out ‘Pink-Haired’ Leftists Running Biden’s Immigration Policy

As Kennedy said in an interview with Sean Hannity, the Biden regime has let America down on every single issue. We are experiencing awful inflation and a murder wave in our big cities.

Meanwhile, our students are learning anti-white racist ideology in school. This all comes on top of Biden undermining of our energy sector, crating a disaster in Afghanistan and most of all, a causing full-on invasion of our southern border.

As Kennedy said, we’re looking at two million illegal immigrants this year coming into the United States. That is an extremely high number; the last thing we need is all these many people dependent on our social safety net and benefits.

Kennedy said the people running Biden’s regime and his immigration are “pink-haired” woke types who only speak two languages: English and stupid. It’s hard to disagree with him on that.

Digging Deeper Behind the Scenes

After explaining that Biden has a bunch of idiotic college liberals on the job, Kennedy also admitted that there’s a second option: that everything happening with the southern invasion is “intentional.”

I tend to agree with the latter option. I believe the incompetent college Marxists are just the useful idiots. The real problem going on behind the scenes is a collusion between the Democrats, woke corporations, and liberal lunatics.

These people want to replace the population of this country with low-wage, desperate workers who will continue to vote for handouts. They want to end the land of the free and turn us into the land of the dependent.

So, what better way to do that than to bring in a bunch of entitled and desperate third-world people who aren’t even refugees?

Kennedy is Right

Kennedy is right. The Biden regime is full of stupid college kids with pink hair. These people were fed on a diet of neo-Marxist bull crap at Ivy League schools and have zero experience in the real world.

It’s no wonder they left Afghanistan the way they did. However, when it comes to the border and so many other issues, their incompetence is the reason they were hired.

They’re too brainwashed and naive to ever put a stop to the destruction of their own nation, which most of them don’t even love. This allows the globalists free reign to overrun our borders and replace our population with a new permanent class of Democrat voters.