Whoopi Goldberg Suspended from The View

Whoopi Goldberg made headlines recently for controversial comments on the Holocaust. She made the comments on a far-left show called The View, where establishment liberals sit around, whine about conservatives, and gossip. It’s unwatchable.

Believe it or not, some people do watch The View. They even added token conservative Meghan McCain to try to get more folks tuned in.

During a discussion on Texas schools banning the Holocaust graphic novel Maus, Goldberg ended up saying persecution of Jews in World War Two was just an issue of inhumanity, not related to race.

That is completely false. She’s now suspended from the show for two weeks, according to the president of ABC, Kim Godwin.

ABC: Goldberg is Out for Her ‘Hurtful’ Statements

As of now, Goldberg still has a job with The View, but she’s being put on ice for two weeks because Godwin says her comments were both “hurtful” and “wrong.”

What Goldberg said is hard to sort out stupidity from hate. She obviously is unaware or doesn’t care about real history and the Holocaust. Jews were targeted specifically for their race and not for their religion.

Secondly, what Goldberg said isn’t just random or innocent; it’s actually exactly what critical race theory believes. They consider Jews white because they want to portray the world as a place where skin tone determines right and wrong.

Because many Jews have paler skin, CRT racists have been trying for years to define them as white or “white-adjacent.” This has, unsurprisingly, been used to justify sickening anti-Semitism against Jews from the left.

Whoopi’s Fake Apology

In a fake apology to liberal TV host Stephen Colbert, Goldberg said she was sorry for anyone she hurt. Also, she said because she’s black, race means “something different” to her.

The thing is, race is race. It doesn’t matter what it means to her or whether she thinks race is just skin color.

The Jewish race is mixed with many cultures and peoples who have been, and are, part of Jewish history, but it is definable and real. The attempt by Black Hebrew Israelites (black supremacists) and CRT nutjobs like Goldberg to delete the Jewish race is hateful and false.

Goldberg wants to live in a world where you are superior based on having darker skin. Her hate came out against Jewish people who have lighter skin in a very disturbing way.

However, she shouldn’t have been suspended. Here’s why.

Why Whoopi Shouldn’t Have Been Suspended

Goldberg should be kept on. Bad speech shouldn’t lead to termination or suspension; it should be met with good speech.

Keeping her on The View is what they deserve as their audience fades away and as they go broke. Let the leftists speak and let them go broke.