What’s Really To Blame For the Canadian Wildfires Smoking Out New York?

This past week, much of New York City and state has been engulfed in dense, orange smoke. All this is due to various forest fires burning up north in Canada.

This brought NYC the status of recently having the worst air pollution in any large city on the planet. New Yorkers have taken their COVID masks out of the closet and are wearing them again.

Meanwhile, the left is blaming these forest fires on global “climate change,” but the truth is a little different…

What’s Really Behind the Fires?

The fact is the lack of proper forest management by the government has caused catastrophic side effects, such as the forest fires in Canada.

In the past, there was controlled burning of the forest, in which there was regular removal of undergrowth and dead wood.

This action was of very low risk to the population and done in such a way as not to create huge amounts of smoke.

Currently, without this controlled burn-off, the forests have become extremely dense, incapacitating the fire brigades to do their job of containing fires.

A Closer Look

Another factor in why forest fires are raging so much is the elimination of commercial practice and logging has left forests too dense and easily lit up.

Mark Heathcott, fire management coordinator, already warned in 2016 about the importance of the commercial practice of logging for the containment and prevention of wildfires.

Canada’s wildfire management program has long been underfunded and not able to properly do its job.

Even Native Canadian groups have been banned from carrying out the controlled burns they used for centuries for the sake of forest health. The green ideology preached by left-wing politicians is based more on emotions than facts.

Going Green?

Politicians have listened far too much to green activists and turned a blind eye to scientific studies that controlled fires are preventive and necessary measures.

They need to be brought back so there are no massive wildfires that put human life at risk and damage the atmosphere in this way.