What’s Behind the Buffalo Mass Shooting?

A heavily armed, 18-year-old white man shot dead 10 people on Saturday at a grocery store in a black neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.

The suspect was arrested shortly thereafter. He has been named as Payton Gendron of Conklin, New York.

The killings are being looked at as a hate crime by the FBI; a manifesto claiming to be from Gendron is also being examined.

In the manifesto, Gendron outlines his reasons for doing the massacre, his planning, and equipment list, as well as his twisted views on America, race, gun laws, and the future of society.

What Did Gendron Claim?

At the time of the crime, Gendron was wearing a bulletproof vest and military-type clothing, along with a helmet equipped with a camera.

The shooting was reportedly broadcast live on the internet on one of his social networks.

According to police, Gendron pulled up in a car and began shooting immediately with his AR rifle. A security guard shot back at Gendron with no effect, however, because of his body armor.

Gendron put the gun to his head when authorities arrived, but was talked out of killing himself and arrested.

He is charged with ten counts of first-degree murder and other charges. The strongest punishment he’ll face in New York is life in prison.

According to Gendron, the attack was done to scare and terrorize non-white people who he said don’t belong in America.

His purported manifesto claims that black people are non-productive and less intelligent than white people and are a violent drain on society.

What Else Does Gendron’s Manifesto Say?

Gendron’s manifesto says he is not left or right-wing, but is instead a “green nationalist” who cares most about the environment.

He claims Jews are controlling the US government and media and are the biggest threat facing Americans.

However, Gendron claims he chose to kill civilian black people because they are a “soft” target. More high-profile people in government or the financial industry would have been harder to take down.

His manifesto also goes on at great length about his planning of gear. It touches on his belief that New York’s restrictive gun laws would make it easier for him to kill a lot of people in his attack.

Gendron’s manifesto goes on about his views that society is being strangled by shadowy financial elites who want to destroy white people.

He focused a lot on low white birth rates as well, saying that legal and illegal immigrants are being brought in to replace white people.

The Bottom Line

This horrific racist attack must be condemned by everyone.

It must be condemned just like other horrific racist attacks, such as the Waukesha massacre last December where a black supremacist ran over many people in his SUV, including young white children.

The violence and hate has to stop!