What’s Behind Liberal Media’s Praise of Olympian Gymnast Simone Biles Quitting?

Olympian Simone Biles is one of the best athletes in the world. She overcame abuse and poverty to rise up to become a national hero. Her recent decision to step down from the gymnastics team final at the Tokyo Olympics is her business.

According to her social media posts, Biles had physical problems going into it and didn’t want to get more hurt. She said that her physical and mental health were linked and she just wasn’t up to it. That’s unfortunate, but it’s not our place to judge or shame an Olympic champion. 

None of that is the issue with what happened recently. The issue is the liberal media using Biles for their twisted agenda and praising her quitting as strong or brave. They used her as a prop to advance their ideology of failure.  

Woke Capitalism and Liberal Liars Work Together

Woke capitalism pounced on the Biles story immediately, with Visa issuing an ad saying how they found her bravery so inspiring. Meanwhile, the liberal media went on and on about how black women are “tired” and how Biles is a hero for admitting she’s not OK. 

The real ideology behind this is not compassion or respect for the decisions of somebody else; it is the use of people as props to advance a victim ideology and it is sick and un-American. 

We used to live in a country that believed in winning. We used to be part of a culture that pushed people to do their best, no matter what, and to recover from failures and setbacks in the strongest way possible. 

Now, we live under a regime that believes in masking. We’re part of a culture that pushes people to identify as victims and whine and complain. We live in a liberal culture that celebrates failure. 

This is the World That Liberals Want

Liberals want a world where a national hero like Biles is celebrated more for her act of quitting in 2021 than her previous acts of winning. They want a world where illness, stress and victimization are celebrated as signs of strength.

This is genuinely a strange cult that is trying to be imposed on the rest of us. If you find yourself asking what’s going on and why these weird messages are being put out just remember this:

Leftist cat ladies at the liberal media and heartless psychopaths running woke capitalist institutions are not happy people. They want to drag all the rest of us down to their level and make us think that the point of life is to be a victim. 

Rejecting the Victim Narrative

Biles quitting is no shame to her. She has her reasons, but it doesn’t make her a hero. It makes her a person who didn’t win this time around. Our culture needs to stop being so sentimental and our liberal media needs to stop trying to infect us with communist ideology that praises victimhood and failure.