What is Critical Race Theory and Why is It So Controversial?

Critical race theory (CRT) is an increasingly influential way of teaching about race in America. CRT is a form of cultural Marxism. It teaches that white people oppress non-white people as a function of capitalist injustice and to maintain power imbalances.

Basically, it teaches white people are evil robots who have irredeemable sins and non-white people are noble savages. It’s a deeply racist, condescending theory that should never have seen the light of day.

It first started gaining ground in the 1970s under leftist professors who wanted to spread their hatred of white people and thought this made them social justice heroes. Unfortunately, CRT has gained more and more power.

Now, it’s time to expose CRT for what it is.

The Truth About CRT

The truth about CRT is it’s rotten to the core. It first takes real problems, such as racism, slavery, and colonial abuses. Then, CRT puts them through an oversimplified and false system that sees everything as race-related.

It argues all white people are racist, as famous white author Robin DeAngelo says in highly paid seminars and training conferences. CRT says the most white people can do to make up for the sins of their ancestors is give up all their power.

Then, it tells non-white people that they’re victims, that they are entitled to do whatever they want, and should get revenge on those who have wronged them.

CRT is deeply anti-Christian and collectivist. It teaches individuals don’t matter, only racial categories. It teaches everything is related to race, even when it doesn’t seem to be. CRT teaches people to judge by skin color, not character.

It’s un-American garbage that should be illegal.

Why is CRT Spreading?

As we’ve seen from parent protests in places like Loudon County, Virginia, CRT is very unpopular with many people. That’s true across the country. For that reason, some may ask why it’s spreading. The answer is simple and disturbing: it’s spreading because of money.

Giant, left-leaning charitable foundations and grant organizations lobby government and school boards to inject their curriculum with CRT. Foreign organizations and George Soros-linked trust funds are deeply tied to this horrible ideology.

They believe it will “open” America and prepare us for their globalist future. They don’t want our country united; they want it weak, divided, angry, and helpless against the future one-world technocracy.

In other words, CRT is spreading because some very bad people in very high places want it to spread. Also, there are still enough useful idiots on the left to be the carriers for this disease without realizing what they’re doing to the country (or them thinking it’s for a good reason).

Bye Bye, CRT

It’s time to say bye-bye to CRT. If it’s in your school, you need to go to school board meetings and speak out against it. If this harmful ideology ever tries to make inroads again, it should lead to criminal investigations.

Critical race theory has no place in our country.