West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin Flip Flops on Massive Dem Spending Bill

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is a very important Democrat. The reason he’s important is that he breaks the balance of power and gives the Democrats the key swing vote they need on many pieces of legislation. 

In other words: Manchin has the power to get things made into law in the Senate because his vote gives the Democrats the numbers they need. The thing with Manchin is that he’s a smart guy, but he’s also lacking in principles. 

He wavers whichever way the wind blows. His latest flip flop comes on President Biden’s ridiculous $3.5 trillion spending bill that was put forward recently. 

Every Vote Counts

The Democrats know that not even one Republican is going to come to their side on the $3.5 trillion boondoggles; therefore, they want to make sure Manchin is onboard. Luckily for them, the West Virginia senator said he’s going to play ball and go along with the bill as long as he gets a look at it in development. 

As long as there’s a realistic way to pay for the bill and it has a part full of some renewable energy stuff, Manchin said he’s supportive. Not to ruin his optimistic mood, but the way the bill will be paid for is the same as always: higher taxes and high deficit spending. It’s called the big government formula and it’s the same every time. 

What Else Does Manchin Want?

Although he’s said he’ll be a “team player” on this spending bill, Manchin actually has other things that he’s demanding in return. After all, when you’re in a position to get more, why settle for just the bare minimum?

For one thing, Manchin isn’t actually promising his vote. He’s just promising he won’t vote against. He wants this bill to have tax rules which are more “competitive” and to address inflation issues that are occurring.

He also doesn’t want the bill to be full of “environmental regulations” that hurt small businesses and normal folks like people in many areas of West Virginia. That’s no shock at all. 

Wild Man Manchin

You can’t blame Manchin for trying to get what he wants, but his flip-flopping on this stuff makes him quite a wild card in Congress. It seems clear at this point that he’s not going to go along with big tax increases.

However, there are other tax ideas, such as the wealth tax, proposed by socialist senator and failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren that Manchin could go either way on. 

As for more relief checks to folks? If that’s in the bill, it looks like Manchin will try to nix it, since he’s already been clear that he thinks people have had enough handouts. 

If the new bill goes too hard on fossil fuel, Manchin may jump in and object as well, since West Virginia still is a coal country, like it or not. Yes, Manchin wants renewable energy funding, but that doesn’t mean he’s OK with rules that hurt his constituents.