West Point Military Academy Has a Big Drug Problem

Five West Point cadets overdosed on cocaine in Florida earlier this month and many were surprised. They have all survived; although one is still hospitalized with serious consequences from the OD.

However, the mystery remains. As one of the most prestigious military training and education facilities in America, West Point isn’t somewhere we associate with partying, drug use, and degenerate behavior.

Though it turns out it’s actually become quite a hub for drug dealers, reckless party people, and experimentation.

The Shady Side of West Point

One of those who knows about the shadier side of West Point is former drug dealer Chris Monge, who got kicked out of West Point in 2017 for dealing cocaine.

Monge is only 27, but he already has a strong addiction to opioids. He admitted he’d been selling drugs including opiates, Xanax, and cocaine to the military court. Then, he was put in military jail at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for 30 months.

Monge served 15 months and got out on parole, and now he’s sounding the alarm about just how widespread the drug culture is at West Point.

The five cadets who went too wild and took coke laced with fentanyl in Florida are part of a growing pattern, with ex-students saying, especially on the football team, there’s a high use of cocaine.

The last time West Point had a big public scandal was in 2001 when three cadets showed up positive for drug use on a spot check and were suspended.

The five students who overdosed in Florida are likely to all be kicked out; although the case is still in process.

Here’s the Deal

If you attend West Point, you’re not on vacation or at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

You don’t necessarily just get a slap on the wrist. You’re subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and you can be charged with crimes you commit while enrolled.

West Point is usually all paid for, as long as you stay in the military for at least five years, complete all the required courses, and work.

Even if the students who overdosed don’t get kicked out, they’ll have to pay back everything they owe if they would have been paying from the start.

When Monge was kicked out, he was told he owed $170,000 plus interest, adding up to $200,000. He’s now working for a trucking company and says he can’t make even the most basic payments on that.

The West Point Formula

According to various students at West Point, drug users usually party on long weekends in order to get them out of their system in case there are tests the next week.

Cocaine disappears quickly from traces in urine, which is one of the reasons it is popular. It’s clear that West Point needs to clean up its campus and make some real changes.