Waukesha Parade Suspect Makes Court Appearance

Six people have now died and over 60 are injured, following a horrific incident on Sunday in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee suburb was enjoying a Christmas parade when a red SUV began intentionally plowing through the crowd, murdering and maiming people as it went.

The suspect in this case is a 39-year-old man called Darrell Brooks. This guy spouted racist, black supremacist views online and was also a career criminal and pedophile.

Now, the truth is coming out about why this violent, deranged criminal was out of jail in the first place. Also, it’s got leftists looking like dangerous fools with blood on their hands.

Why Was Brooks Out Free?

It turns out Brooks should have been in jail at the time he is accused of mowing down crowds of innocent people. The reason he was out is a progressive judge gave him very low bail on a different case.

Now, he’s back behind bars with $5 million bail. However, that’s too late for the families of those killed, including eight-year-old Jackson Sparks.

Brooks will face six homicide charges, but that won’t bring anybody back to life. Likewise, it won’t stop the criminal-coddling philosophy of the left, which has done their level best to bury this story in the news and ignore it.

Furthermore, since Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty, if this monster is found guilty, the most he will do is sit around for life. He’ll enjoy meals and a bed, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

A Horrible Day

As the court noted, police tried their best to stop Brooks as he allegedly plowed through the crowd, jumping out and shouting at him to stop. He ignored them and kept trying to kill people, clearly showing it was intentional.

During his first court appearance, Brooks looked like he was crying while absorbing the news he’s now being hit with six counts of homicide.

The judge noted more people are in critical condition; therefore, there could well be more homicide charges hitting Brooks in the near future. Each carries a potential sentence of life without parole.

The thing is this: earlier in November, Brooks was let out of jail on a very low bail amount. He had been behind bars for hitting and running over his kid’s mom, but was let out on $1,000, with progressive Milwaukee judges wanting to give him more chances.

The current accusations against him say he ran away from a “domestic disturbance” and then drove his vehicle into the crowd.

The Bottom Line

The left wants to crack down on your right to own guns. However, they let violent psychopaths roam the streets and get out on almost no bail.

They act surprised when something like this happens. Although, if you let monsters out of their cages, they tend to do bad things.

This used to be common sense, but in Biden’s America, we have to deal with activist judges and leftists running our country into the ground.

Enough is enough.