Water Restrictions Imposed in Southwest as Government Declares Massive Crisis

The Southwest is bracing for major water restrictions as the US government has now declared an emergency water shortage. The problem comes from low water levels on the Colorado River which are leading to droughts in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and other parts of the Southwest.

Farmers are suffering as Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam stop being able to provide enough water due to the smaller amounts coming into them from the Colorado River. Lake Mead is currently only one-third full and has less water in it than any time since the Hoover Dam was constructed almost 100 years ago.

Stricter Restrictions on the Way

Water cuts are already happening in the Southwest, but government officials are considering even stronger measures. The purpose is to stop Lake Mead from falling even lower than one-third.

The Colorado River gives water through Lake Mead and its Hoover Dam to about 40 million Americans; officials are scrambling to figure out how to boost up levels with the Colorado River now providing less resources to the lake and the Dam.

These are the biggest cuts ever made in the area; they are going to have a huge impact on Arizona farmers who depend on the almost 400 mile Central Arizona Canal. Water levels have already fallen extensively in Arizona; other states and farmers are scared that their businesses and whole ways of life will now die.

Big Cuts for Next Year

Next year is when the biggest cuts will start kicking in, but the water is already partly shut off and greatly restricted in huge areas of the Southwest. The federal department in charge of this is called the Bureau of Reclamation and they say \ many areas of Arizona could start having big cuts in the near future.

Liberals are saying that climate change is to blame, and it looks like the Southwest is definitely heating up and drying out. As globalist billionaires like Bill Gates buy up farmland and workers are replaced by robots and mechanical systems, climate change will be their ultimate excuse for shutting down most family farms.

Climate change is the ultimate way for the elites to clobber and destroy ordinary people, restricting their water use, shutting down their businesses, and trying to shame and wreck their daily lives.

Water Crisis in America

Over 10 governors across Western states have already asked for emergency government help due to this water crisis. The dependency on government spending is only continuing to grow as America moves toward becoming more and more communist.

The same people who led to this pollution and drought now want to tell us they’re here to help and they will give us their fake money as inflation grows. Meanwhile, more jobs keep getting shipped to China, illegals are imported and America’s military is stabbed in the back by our globalist and senile president.

This is a dark time.