WATCH: VP Kamala Harris Gives Ridiculous Statement to African Leaders at Summit

The actions of Joe Biden continue to spark conversations regarding the 25th Amendment and the mistreatment of older people.

It is necessary for children and rabbits to direct him to reach where he needs to go. He frequently becomes disoriented, forgets what he is saying more than half the time, and gets lost.

Whereas even if all of those difficulties are taken into consideration, the fact that his running mate is Kamala Harris should be enough to make anyone stop because of the problems she has. Her difficulties in communicating would rank front among them.

Word Salad Kamala

The most significant problems with Joe Biden are his lying, stupidity, and incoherence. Kamala, on the other hand, suffers from the widespread problem of not having the slightest idea what the hell she’s talking about. This may be the reason why she has such trouble communicating.

Let us pay attention to Harris as he delivers an insightful speech at the US Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, District of Columbia.

She lauded the youthful African leaders for their drive and determination. She repeated that the ability to perceive what could be, unburdened by what now is, was essential to their success.

What on earth does that even mean? She has this manner about her in which she feels what she is stating is insightful, but then she doesn’t say anything, which is why she is nicknamed “Word Salad Kamala.”

However, at least she tries to be kind to the guests in charge, right? Isn’t that a unique feature?

Well, it may be. Except for the fact this appears to be a part of her standard remarks, something she repeats on a regular basis. Therefore, it is not very noteworthy.

She has delivered it several times, most recently in June of this year in Chicago to a group of Latino government officials. However, as the video editor Maze demonstrated on Twitter, it wasn’t the end of it.

Take note of how Kamala even manages to synchronize everything with the same repeated arm gestures each time.

The Kamala To Our Biden

It would appear she was subjected to such a high level of criticism in regard to her remarks. As a result, those in charge decided the best approach to address the situation was to have her reiterate what she had already said.

New York, NY – July 28, 2022: Vice President Kamala Harris announced the formation of the Economic Opportunity Coalition to invest in underserved communities at Restoration Plaza

If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, you can become used to it and not trip over it anymore.

Though when she acts in that manner, it looks very silly. The identity of her speechwriter, as well as how she gets compensated, ought to be questioned. Obviously, this aspect must be weighed against the difficulty posed by the audience she is writing for.

It’s possible if they want a greater understanding of what’s going on in Africa, they shouldn’t be telling everyone the same thing that Harris says.

Instead of avoiding the issues and arguing with them, the Biden team might respond to the concerns raised by African reporters and provide an overview of their ideas.

However, it is unsettling to consider that despite Biden’s many flaws, Kamala serves as his running mate.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.