Washington State Dad Hunts Down, Kills Man Who Turned His Daughter Into a Sex Slave

John Eisenman is a 60-year-old man from Spokane, Washington. His daughter was dating a guy called Andrew Sorenson, who ended up taking his daughter and reportedly selling her for $1,000 to a Seattle prostitution ring.

Eisenman is a protective dad and he didn’t trust his daughter’s new boyfriend, Andrew. As things got worse, he began to wonder what was going on with her and her new guy.

When Eisenman’s young daughter went missing, he was worried and furious. The police were moving slowly and he decided he needed to take matters into his own hands.

Time for Some R&R (Rescue and Revenge)

Last October, Eisenman headed to Seattle to try to get his daughter back. He succeeded in doing so; although, it is not clear how he did it.

Eisenman also got information on who brought his daughter there and sold her: her boyfriend, Andrew Sorenson.

Eisenman then reportedly took steps to figure out how to make Andrew pay for what he’d done.

The next month in November, Eisenman tracked down Sorenson, bound him with rope and threw him in his trunk. Eisenman then bludgeoned Sorenson repeatedly with a brick and stabbed him to death.

With the body in the trunk, Eisenman drove to a place in the forest and left it there. Now, a year later, the body was discovered.

Eisenman is charged with murder and being held on a bond of $1 million. The twist here is many people are calling Eisenman a hero for rescuing his daughter from sex slavery and taking care of the monster who sold her into it.

Sex Trafficking in America

So many people started sympathizing with the dad they actually started a GoFundMe page to support his legal defense.

This was shut down by the platform, however, which noted it can’t be used for the legal defense of any violent crimes.

The bottom line here is sex trafficking is a big problem in America. Around 50,000 girls and women are annually brought in from foreign countries to be sold into prostitution rings.

An even larger amount of US citizens are sold into sex slavery. One of the most common ways someone gets into sex slavery is through dating the wrong person.

As Eisenman’s daughter found out, even her 19-year-old boyfriend was tied up with some very shady people. He, therefore, had an idea to make a quick buck off her.

The details of the case still remain to be revealed, but since Sorenson’s body has been found, there is definitely plenty of evidence to proceed.

There’s some very sick people out there. Regardless of the outcome of Eisenman’s case, there’s no doubt many people will continue to sympathize with him, especially if he’s handed a very lengthy sentence.