Washington State Cop Quits Job Over Vax Mandate

Washington State is a blue state led by a Democrat madman called Jay Inslee. The truth is Inslee’s a terrible human being who’s about as smart as a pile of garbage in a Seattle homeless encampment.

He’s dragged the state down into the mud and rubbed its face in the dirt, crushing the economy and spreading economic and racial division. Inslee is obsessed with climate change and “racial justice.”

The Green New Deal is his greatest dream; he loves the lockdowns and vaccine mandates that are moving America closer to communism.

Inslee is a Hypocritical Leftist Liar and Traitor

While he was out marching for Black Lives Matter last summer, Inslee’s Twitter banner still demanded everyone “Stay Home.” Now he’s forcing the COVID mRNA vaccines on every state employee if they want to keep their jobs.

Well, one Washington State trooper had just about enough of Inslee’s socialist sedition. He let Inslee know it with one epic final sign-off over the radio.

After 22 years on the job, this brave officer from Yakima, Washington let people know he was taking off his badge. What pushed him over the edge was the un-American vaccine mandate that slavish globalist worshipers like Inslee are forcing on their people.

As the officer said, Insee can “kiss my *ss.”

Inslee Gets What He Deserves

This officer’s language may sound rude. Yet, the truth is this is exactly the kind of curses that globalist toadies like Inslee deserve to have thrown in their face. Inslee has zero respect for police and incited violence against them repeatedly.

Now Inslee wants to force the COVID vaccines on these officers or else kick them to the curb. He has no respect for the real America or the men and women who keep us safe.

Inslee wants our streets overrun with criminals and drug addicts, while he hides behind his armed bodyguards and whines about climate change. He’s a garbage person and an excuse for a man.

This officer is well within his rights to call Inslee out. I, for one, am very glad to see the Washington governor getting verbally beaten down by a man of the law. Let’s have more of this, please.

Showing Appreciation Where It’s Due

This officer was thanked for his extensive years of work, including delivering a baby during his first year in service. He was also thanked for being a “role model.” There is no doubt he deserves much more of our respect than a stuffed suit pencil neck like Jay Inslee.

Inslee wants to take brave officers like this off the job and leave our police precincts empty and abandoned? That’s his choice. However, don’t come crying to the American people when your blue state descends into further chaos, Jay.