Was Will Smith’s Attack on Chris Rock Staged?

The Oscars is a Hollywood awards show that a few producers and people in New York and LA watch every year. It used to actually be popular, before the real America caught on to how useless and narcissistic the whole thing is.

However, last night at the 94th Oscars, something did actually happen that caught people’s attention.

Host Chris Rock made a hurtful joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and got assaulted live on stage. Then, Smith cursed him out from the audience, looking like an angry biker about to go berserk in a bar.

The question is: was it all staged? If not, will there be charges? Let’s investigate…

Was it Real?

Hollywood actors are masters at blurring the line between real and fake. Their whole job is to make something look absolutely real when it’s fake. For that reason, Smith certainly has the ability to have faked this.

Yet, at this point, everything points to this being real. There was nothing very amusing about Smith hitting a man on live TV and then cursing at him like a deranged psychopath in a crowd full of pampered and dolled up celebrities. It was actually really awkward.

Everything points to a simple fact: Will Smith lost his cool when he saw how upset his wife was by Chris Rock’s joke and then got up and went insane in the middle of a live broadcast.

Instead of being arrested like any other citizen of the United States, Smith was allowed to retake his seat. He was later handed an Oscar where he whined and cried about what a good person he is and how he’s sorry he lost his cool. There’s Hollywood for you.

Apparently, Smith’s wife can sleep with other men in their open marriage, but if her honor is insulted by an offensive joke, it’s a bridge too far. After all, words are supposedly violence according to the new woke ideology…right?

What Was Rock’s Joke?

Chris Rock’s joke was dumb, but it definitely wasn’t the kind of thing you should get hit over.

He was joking about Jada having a shaved head and saying he’s looking forward to GI Jane 2. Basically, he was saying she’d fit well in a movie about a soldier with a buzzcut and shaved head.

The issue is Jada shaved her head because she suffers from an autoimmune disease and alopecia. She looked offended during the joke, even though Smith laughed at first.

However, then he quickly got up to beat on Rock and shout at him when he saw how his wife was humiliated.

Rock won’t be pressing charges, and the LAPD says that it was a real assault. They said that if Rock does decide to press charges in the future, he has that option.