Wannabe ISIS Terrorist from Ohio Gets Huge Jail Sentence

The ISIS terror group may be mostly destroyed in the Middle East, but it still has supporters lurking. One of them is a 23-year-old man from Holland, Ohio by the name of Damon Joseph.

Joseph goes by the terror name Abdullah Ali Yusuf. He was yanked off the streets as he moved forward with a plan to attack a nearby synagogue. Joseph’s plan came to fruition at the end of 2018 when he loaded up weapons and headed to do the shooting he’d been planning.

Unfortunately for Joseph, the weapons were being supplied by undercover FBI and weren’t even operational. Now, Joseph has been sentenced and he’s going to be spending a long time behind bars.

ISIS Wannabe Headed for Lockup

Joseph admitted to the charges of helping a terrorist group and trying to do a hate crime four months ago. On Sept. 20, he faced the consequences for his dark plans, nabbing himself 20 years in jail.

Joseph is not a very smart fellow. He started posting about his love of ISIS on social media and even shared propaganda straight from the group a few years ago. This immediately got the attention of the feds, who started tracking him closely and kept an eye on him.

As they saw that Joseph was serious about his terrorist sympathies, the FBI escalated, approaching him with an undercover asset who acted like he agreed with Joseph. At this point, Joseph started talking about his hate of Jews, calling them “evil” and celebrating the 2018 Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh.

Joseph talked about wanting to carry out a similar kind of massacre. The FBI continued to move forward on the operation, eventually leading to his arrest at the end of 2018.

Joseph Walks Straight into the Trap

In late 2018, Joseph kept up his contact with the undercover FBI asset, telling him more about his desire to attack Jews. He said he didn’t want to die in the attack and planned to keep fighting after hitting the synagogue.

He planned out how to assault several Jewish temples in the Toledo, Ohio vicinity and asked for multiple weapons, including AR-15s. The asset supplied him with the (disabled) weapons. Then, he was arrested shortly after heading directly to carry out the attack with a bag full of ammo and guns supplied by the asset.

The Bottom Line

More than 50 officials from multiple agencies worked on stopping Joseph. He was clearly serious about murdering innocent people, driven by his ideological and religious hate.

America is a little bit safer today, thanks to this man being behind bars, but the threat is far from gone. Warped minds of people twisted into hate are still planning attacks and murder. We must all stay vigilant out there and protect our families.