Walt Disney Company Gets Some Very Bad News About Its Woke Crusade

The Walt Disney Company started out as a family-friendly enterprise. It produced cartoons and content that were about adventure, imagination, and encouraging bravery and truth.

Though over the years, Disney changed for the worse. It started to take on political messaging and include strange sexual symbols and jokes in its kids’ programming.

This can be seen even decades ago. From there, things took a real turn for the worse under later CEOs. The channel began openly promoting alternative sexual identities, along with sexualizing and putting cynical jokes and ideas in children’s shows.

This was recently exposed as part of a committed agenda by Disney higher-ups to encourage transgenderism in kids and sexualize their content.

Though now Disney is facing a backlash they never imagined!

Don’t Mess With the American Family

Disney is finding out that when you try to mock and degrade the American family, you start to lose a lot of money very quickly. Their exposure as child groomers has not been good for Disney, and a new poll shows just how badly it’s going.

Regardless of your position on LGBT and sexual identity issues, the idea that kids should be exposed and indoctrinated into sexuality at a young age is very unpopular among people of all political beliefs.

As Disney is finding out, the vast majority of parents don’t want their kids sexualized at a young age by strangers through their TV or computer.

For this reason, many families boycotted Disney shows and cancelled trips to its various theme parks and destinations. Instead, they went to family-friendly and normal places for kids like Dollywood.

Disney is now seeing this isn’t just a random blip on the radar. In fact, a new poll from the respected Trafalgar shows that 68% of respondents are upset with Disney and will be looking at alternatives.

Go Woke, Go Broke

The poll from Trafalgar shows it isn’t just conservatives who are upset with Disney; it’s everyone. In fact, 48% of those who identify as Democrats said they will also be turning away from doing business with Disney.

This poll from Trafalgar is going to cause nightmares at Disney. Its woke leadership thought they could get away with anything and laugh in the face of parents.

What they’re finding out is if you go woke, you go broke. Nobody wants what they’re selling. They want the old Disney back.

If that’s not going to happen, then this corporation is going to find itself huddling in homeless shelters in Magic Mountain, instead of selling rides to it.

Enough is Enough

Disney needs to get back to its roots. Keep kids programming for kids. You don’t need to introduce sexual topics into everything.

Sometimes, being a youngster and going on an adventure can be pure fun with no political or sexual agenda involved!