VP Kamala Harris Runs Away in Middle of Crisis

The job of the vice president is to support POTUS and the nation. He or she should be ready at all times to act in America’s interests and defend and uphold the Constitution.

Our current VP Kamala Harris does none of that. She is a far left extremist who was picked due to her ethnicity and gender. She has no love for this country and no competence.

Harris’ first foreign mission to Mexico and Guatemala was a massive failure and tonight she will leave on her next trip abroad.

Harris Leaves on Foreign Trip

As the Afghanistan crisis continues and 15,000 Americans scramble to be evacuated, Harris won’t be going anywhere near them. In fact, she is barely even paying attention to that.

Instead, she’ll be leaving to Asia: Singapore and Vietnam, specifically. According to the Biden regime, Harris is going to “continue to work” on the problem in Afghanistan while she’s in Vietnam and Singapore.

Well, if Harris has apparently already been working on the Afghanistan issue, we can all certainly say she is doing an absolutely terrible job.

In fact, it’s not even clear where Harris has been for over a week while Afghanistan was crumbling under the Taliban and our whole country was in crisis.

She’s the VP, for God’s sake. We’re supposed to believe she’s been working hard in the background; however, with the results we’re seeing, it might be better if she really had been just hiding away.

Why is Harris Going to Southeast Asia?

According to the Biden regime, Vietnam and Singapore are “huge priorities” because of their strategic importance as US allies. Both countries are also important trading partners.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that this is a make-work project and a way for Harris to get out of being blamed for what’s going on.

She’s reportedly been screaming about how angry she is that she could get some of the blame for what’s going on in Afghanistan. Is anyone surprised?

Harris doesn’t give a crap about the people trapped there, our Afghan allies, or the brave sacrifice of our troops; she’s just upset about whether her reputation will be hurt by what’s happening. What a power-hungry and terrible woman.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Harris is a woman who wants to escape blame for the current situation in Afghanistan. She’s extremely unpopular but she’s clearly more mentally coherent than Biden.

It’s possible that the Democrat Party is trying to save her in reserve to replace Sleepy Joe in the near future. “President Harris” would be an absolute nightmare, but it is a possibility.

Sending her to Asia could be a way to let her stay out of the limelight even more as Biden’s huge meltdown continues.