Virginia Becomes First Southern State to Get Rid of Death Penalty

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a law and order state. Since the birth of the United States it’s prided itself on upholding the rights of state residents and keeping the streets safe.

Part of that is the death penalty, which is applied to severe violent and repeat offenders in certain cases.

Virginia’s blackface Governor Ralph Northam – who said on the record that it’s worth considering killing babies after they’re born – recently signed the order ending all executions in the state.

Killing innocent babies? No problem for a lunatic Democrat like Northam.

Killing monstrous and demonic criminals who’ve destroyed lives? Hold on a second there, you conservative.

The Virginia Senate passed the new ban by a vote of 22 to 16 with all Democrats and one Republican voting to support the ban, while Virginia’s House of Delegates also passed a ban by 57 to 43 with support from two Republicans.

There’s always a quisling or two.

Carroll County Courthouse – Hillsville, VA by (aka Brent) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Why is Virginia Scrapping the Death Penalty?

According to the bill which bans the death penalty, it needs to go because it is “inequitable, ineffective, and inhumane.” The law also calls it a “machinery of death” and says “it’s time we stop it.”

In other words this is an activist law from far-left progressives. What do you want to be that the Democrats who voted to abolish the death penalty in Virginia fully support abortion access for any reason?

These people are truly sick, and it stands to reason that they would be led by Northam, a racist hypocrite of the worst order who has zero respect for the life of innocent new human beings but apparently respects the rights of horrific criminals.

Let’s be real:

Mistakes do happen, and the death penalty is absolutely far from perfect. And when mistakes and framing someone does happen it should be severely punished against all authorities and jurisdictions who allowed it to happen.

But they’re also very rare. More often than mistakes happening is that a bad man or woman who did things most of can barely even imagine gets a one-way ticket to dirt land just like they absolutely deserve.

But don’t expect Democrats to have any conception of what justice means.

Virginia Swings Left

With the ban, Virginia becomes the 23rd state to ban the death penalty, with Colorado doing so last year and numerous states before that. However, Virginia will be the first Southern state to ban the death penalty.

The Commonwealth hasn’t executed anyone since 2017 and nobody in the state has even been sentenced to death since 2011. There are only two convicts on death row in the state now, and since the death penalty is banned Thomas Porter and Anthony Juniper will now spend their lives in prison.

Porter was convicted of shooting a police officer in 2005 and then shooting him twice more until he died on the ground. Juniper was convicted of four murders in Norfolk, VA in 2004 after a bad breakup in which he murdered his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s brother and her four-year-old and two-year-old daughters Nykia and Shearyia.

With the scrapping of the death penalty, Virginia continues its long slide left since Democrats took over the state legislature. They have been busy beavers, passing gun control, pro-LGBT laws that discriminate against Christians, opening up abortion to everyone who decides to get an abortion at any time and generally doing the kind of irresponsible and revolting things that Democrats do once they’re in power.

Although state residents and Democrats may pat themselves on the back today for getting rid of the death penalty and being so “compassionate,” they won’t spare a thought for the victims of violent criminals and psychopaths who now have even less recourse to the law and proper punishment if someone they love is the victim of a horrific crime.

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