VIDEO: Joe Biden’s Strange and Toxic Relationship With His Daughter-in-Law Hallie Biden

The story of the Biden family is like a tragic soap opera, but the dirt underneath the rug is truly disturbing. Let’s take a look at Biden’s daughter-in-law Hallie Biden for one example.

Hallie has increasingly been caught up in some of the allegations of corruption and dirty business with the Biden crime family. She has also brought up some disturbing allegations about Joe and Hunter’s behavior.

This needs to be dug into more deeply to get a real picture of how the Biden family operates and treats one of its own.

Meet Hallie Biden

Hallie Biden was born Hallie Olivere in Greenville, Delaware in 1973 to a Jewish family. She attended school with a young Joe Biden, who had a “crush” on her and tried to date her.

Hallie rejected young Joe, but years later, she ended up taking an interest in Joe’s son, Beau, marrying him in 2002 in her early thirties. They had two kids, but Beau tragically died of brain cancer in 2015.

After this time, things truly went off the rails for Hallie. She was seduced by Beau’s brother, Hunter, and underwent a toxic affair that nearly tore her apart financially and emotionally.

What’s even more disturbing is that Hallie has now been named as the third person who received part of a $3 million bribe sent out by a CCP-linked business as part of a plan to buy influence while Joe Biden was VP.

Digging deeper into Hallie’s story, we see a young woman who was essentially groomed by the Biden family and led into a patsy role for their corrupt business dealings…

Hunter and Hallie

While together with Hunter on and off from 2016 to 2019, Hallie was dragged through torturous emotional abuse and even got addicted to drugs herself.

She acted as a receiver for various of his payoffs from shady Chinese businesses and tried her best to get him the help he needed in rehab before eventually parting ways.

Hunter’s problems with addiction and large sums spent on prostitutes also overlapped with problems Hallie was having with addiction.

She even once asked Hunter to help her quit drugs so she wouldn’t lose custody of her kids. Hunter complained and ranted to her about how much he’d already paid out to get her help at rehab, as well as money his dad Joe paid out on her behalf.

Hunter’s sister, Ashley Biden, said that Hallie got hooked on crack because of Hunter’s influence and said her dead brother Beau would find this “sh*t” completely unacceptable.

A Toxic History

The way Hallie Biden has been used and misused in the Biden family says a lot. She’s been treated as an object and a convenient prop to launder money through and use for emotional support.

Isn’t it ironic that Joe Biden treats the American people much the same way? Enough is enough.