VIDEO: Bible Prophecy Coming True? Huge Riots in Rome at the Vatican Over COVID Vaccine

Lately, it seems like every day is part of a new chapter in the Book of Revelations. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but the world is truly spinning off its axis.

More and more people are turning to Scriptures and spirituality for answers, as we face challenges we’ve never faced before.

The latest incident that sounds like something straight out of a Biblical prophecy happened in Rome. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to cancel a plan to read in church because huge crowds of protesters rioted in Vatican square.

Italians are furious over the new world order of vaccine passports and further restrictions. The world is falling apart.

Green Pass Protested in Vatican Square

Crowds protested any green pass in Vatican Square, as Italy’s government becomes more and more tyrannical. Although a majority of Italians are OK with vaccine mandates for getting into businesses and going to work, a vocal minority is very upset with it.

As of October 15, you won’t be going to work in Italy or going to any non-essential business if you don’t have the vaccine pass. If you don’t have it, you will face heavy financial penalties.

There’s something about this imagery of disorder in Rome that does seem Biblical in nature, and it’s clear that whatever tension society is experiencing is not going away anytime soon.

As leftist governments become more authoritarian, a certain segment of the population rebels and speaks up, safeguarding the last shreds of freedom for everyone else who disagrees, but is too timid or scared to raise their voices.

How Many People Were There?

The estimated crowd outside the Vatican was around 10,000; although, those who set up the protests said they had 100,000.

The event became very tense, with police pepper-spraying everyone and hitting them with night sticks and jets of water from a cannon. A certain amount of the crowd then went berserk and began duking it out with police, as the scene descended into chaos.

Italians deserve real respect for standing up to their insane government like this. The police were heavy-handed; yet, that didn’t scare many of these freedom fighters who hoisted the national flag and shouted in defense of their homeland.

Worldwide Awakening

It’s not clear from the establishment media, but all over the world, there are huge amounts of people waking up to what’s happening. From Italy to Australia, strict rules are causing people to wake up and realize this was never about stopping COVID.

This was about controlling and downsizing our lives. Canada recently even made rules preventing any unvaxxed person from entering or leaving the country. The new law starts Oct. 31 on Halloween.

Canada has literally become communist behind a virtual Berlin wall. That is what we’re facing here, folks.