US Marine Fired for Telling the Truth About the Biden Regime

The Biden regime has left Americans to die in Afghanistan and has nothing but excuses. They’ve shown the true face of the left to the whole country, and the cowardice and lies are as sad as they are enraging.

Can you believe these people are actually in charge of our great nation? It is utterly shameful. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Many in our military feel the same.

One man decided he’d had enough and broke the military code to tell the truth about the Biden regime and its disastrous failures. Meet Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller of the US Marine Corps.

Lt. Col. Scheller Calls for ‘Revolution’

Scheller put out a viral video in which he said that it’s time for revolution and speaks out against the rot going on at the top levels in our country. As Scheller said, putting Baby Boomers and senile people in charge of our nation needs to come to an end.

He also said we need “accountability” immediately for what is going on in Afghanistan and in this country as a whole. Those who know Scheller and have served under him say his bravery doesn’t surprise them, since he was always a man who led with force and integrity.

Giving up his military career to make a political statement is what is necessary at this time, so it’s what Scheller did. As Scheller’s dad said, he’s a “Marine’s Marine” and it doesn’t surprise him that his son would put his foot down and speak out.

A True Patriot

Here’s the thing: yes, Biden is the commander-in-chief, and military members may not make public political statements. However, Biden has failed this nation and committed treason.

His regime even gave a list of Americans to our enemy the Taliban and allowed the Taliban to access lists of our Afghan allies to kill and imprison. People like Scheller are American heroes because they are more loyal to the Constitution and our nation itself than to a doddering old traitor who doesn’t deserve their service.

Nonetheless, rules are rules and Scheller has been kicked out of the military at this point. After almost two decades in the Marines, this patriot will have to find a new path.

Scheller is Right

In his viral video, Scheller calls out specific individuals for their failure to lead and stand up for America’s interests. These include the head of the USMC, our totally incompetent and woke Secretary of Defense and our left-wing loving joint chiefs bigwig General Mark Milley.

We all remember woke Mark ranting about his passionate desire to understand “white rage,” right? Maybe Milley should have been working harder to understand how to leave Afghanistan without handing it to terrorists and having our military members blown up by psychotic terrorists instead.

These woke fools deserve every insult and criticism they get. Our heroes deserve better, and Scheller is a great man for sacrificing his career to embarrass and expose these traitorous leaders.