US Embassy Orders All Americans Out of Afghanistan as Taliban Retakes Multiple Key Cities

America spent two decades in Afghanistan trying to help. Our brave troops accomplished a lot, but in the end, military bureaucracy and lack of a clear mission left us in disorganized chaos. We pulled out under President Biden with the understanding that Afghanistan is now responsible for its own defense from terrorists.

Unfortunately, that defense has been sorely lacking. In fact, the Taliban have retaken numerous key cities and are close to the edges of Kabul. All Americans have now been ordered to leave the country, including those helping with development and at NGOs, as the situation deteriorates rapidly by the hour.

How Much Have the Taliban Retaken?

They have retaken a lot and are sweeping over the country. The vacuum left by withdrawing US troops and weakness of Afghan forces has created a toxic recipe. Northern Afghanistan is falling rapidly, with the Taliban retaking the city of Kunduz and numerous other key cities, including the main city of Takhar province.

Fighting is going on outside the major city of Herat and the Taliban’s holy city of Kandahar is also under heavy siege. The US sending in heavy bombers hit several civilian targets and have not succeeded in stopping the multi-pronged terrorist advance.

This is a full-on disaster and commentators are pointing to the last chopper out of Saigon moment when the US withdrew in disaster from Vietnam. Our heroic troops deserve better than to have been jerked around like they have been by the US military leadership. Either go in fully to win or pull out fully after several years. This multi-decade engagement now sliding into such an ending is truly unacceptable in so many ways.

What is America Doing?

The US is launching strikes from the Gulf and other staging grounds; bombers are flying missions in theater, but this mission is completely over by the end of this month and the Taliban knows it.

Almost all our troops are out, except for a small amount at the embassy and US-associated locations in the capital of Kabul. Military contractors are out, and the Afghan forces are not able to adequately get their airforce supplied and fixed.

That is cutting them off from supporting ground troops under heavy assault in the rural areas being overrun by the Taliban. This is a disaster. The fall of Kunduz is a huge victory for Taliban fighters.

The Taliban Masterplan

The Taliban have started killing anyone who supported the US mission in the areas they retake. Anyone working with the US or the NATO mission is in direct danger. America can no longer protect individuals at large in the country. It is time to leave Afghanistan if you value your life.

The Taliban clearly want to retake the whole country or at least so many areas of it that they can force through their vision of an Islamic government on the remaining pockets of the American-backed administration.