University’s Huge Spending on Woke Nonsense Exposed

Higher education and university are full of subjects that are questionable, to say the least. I’m talking about things like gender studies and other woke programs.

Whereas for some colleges, the situation is getting even more ridiculous, with enormous money being funneled into diversity and “equity” projects that are completely useless and discriminatory.

The latest example comes from the University of Michigan.

Investing in Wokeness

The University of Michigan is investing heavily in its DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) employees.

More than 18 million dollars is estimated to have gone into salaries and benefits for the university’s staff by the end of this year. This amount will be used to pay more than 142 employees.

The millionaire investment equates to the tuition fees of 1,075 students in the state of Michigan. Tabbye Chavous Sellers, vice dean for equity and inclusion at the University of Michigan, is arguably the highest-earning employee at the university.

Soon after, Robert Sellers, is the highest paid in the DEI. She earns $380,000 a year. Another 17 university employees earn more than $200,000.

Though the majority, 95 employees have salaries above 100,000 thousand dollars. The university has grown a lot in recent years, is this really the way to use their money?

Hiring Woke Warriors

In the academic year between 2018 and 2019, the university had a staff of only 82 people, with a salary cost of 10.6 million dollars.

Between 2021 and 2022, the team grew and consisted of 126 employees. The total cost at that time was 15.6 million dollars.

As of 2005, there were no DEI-related positions at the University of Michigan. For Mark Perry, emeritus professor of economics, the cost is too high for DEI officials.

He says colleges that have adopted this new teaching model, which is geared towards gender, racial and social justice, go against the real mission of any university.

Unfortunately, those who are paying dearly to feed this entire gang of employees, who claim to value social equity and well-being, are the university students themselves.

Every year, the monthly fee has gone up considerably, in addition to other fees. All of this analysis, by Perry, coincided with the date that Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, appointed a new team at the College of Florida to stop this kind of woke hiring practice.

Now, conservatives are forced to swallow and deal with progressive ideologies that these new hires will put into these study centers. To make the alphabet soup easier to swallow, the new members intend to adopt a new nomenclature for their education system.

They intend to leave aside the words that define DEI and start using EMCB (equality, merit, and color blindness). This is turning into a clown-world country!

The Bottom Line

This is a ridiculous scam. If universities want parents to continue sending their kids there, they need to get very serious very fast. The rest of us are not impressed with higher education going woke.