University of Wisconsin at Madison Embraces Anti-White Racism

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the most left-wing colleges in the country. It regularly churns out leftist activists and held huge protests several years ago when Ben Shapiro went to speak.

Several weeks ago, UW Madison took a large rock off campus because its slang name was associated with a racist word for black people. This would seem to show that they don’t want their campus to be a racially insensitive place, right? Wrong.

UW Madison Embraces Segregation and Blacks-Only Events

UW Madison will be having a student orientation barbecue on Sept. 12 that’s only for “self-identified” people of color. Translation: this woke university doesn’t want a landmark with a rude name on campus, but they’re fine with segregation.

A pamphlet for the upcoming barbecue says “all” are welcome as long as they’re a person of color. Since this is technically for those who “identify” as people of color, could it include those who are trans-racial?

What about the white lady and former college instructor Rachel Dolezal who identified as black? Can she come to the BBQ? What about white social media influencer Oli London, who got surgery to become “Korean”? Would he be welcome at this barbecue?

This is Your Brain on Leftism

UW Madison says that the BBQ isn’t listed on some of its main event pages because it’s specialized, but other things, such as the “Latinx” student welcome event, are listed on their website.

Imagine going to a college that even uses the word Latinx. It’s enough to make anybody want to literally barf. UW Madison hauled away the Chamberlin Rock because it was referred to as an “n-word-head” rock one single time in a 1925 campus newspaper story.

It was never called that again nor was it commonly known as that; however, student activists dug it up, and the massive boulder put there in honor of a past college president was taken away at great expense.

UW Madison is a perfect example of your brain on leftism. It has a long history of producing Antifa activists and the type of people who love tearing down statues, hating on America, and promoting communism and degeneracy.

Condescending to Minorities

As in so many other cases, the actions of UW Madison (in removing the rock and throwing special events only for “Latinx” and “BIPOC” students and so on) are a symptom of white liberal racism.

White liberals routinely condescend to minorities, treating them as if they are fragile babies who need special care. White liberals constantly go around policing words and getting angry at anyone who’s not left-wing with some bizarre idea this helps people of color feel “safe” or accepted.

It actually embarrasses most non-white people and makes them feel very awkward. I strongly recommend avoiding leftist universities such as UW Madison like the plague.