University of New Hampshire Professor Resigns After Pretending to be Female Immigrant on Twitter

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These days students are expected to shell out bundles of cash for Zoom sessions referred to as “university.” As if it weren’t enough, they also have to deal with crazed leftist professors who spew cultural Marxism at them.

There’s also a fair number of professors who are just downright wacko.

The latest example comes from a University of New Hampshire chemistry professor who pretended to be a female minority immigrant in order to unleash racist, sexist tirades on Twitter.

White women have led the way, pioneered by brave icons like Rachel Dolezaal and Hilaria Baldwin. It’s only fitting that their male counterparts would want a piece of the diversity pie.

If the latest example happens to be a White racist using that for cover, it’s only to be expected, now that the floodgates of insanity have been opened.

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Chemistry Professor Goes Berserk

The latest minority cosplay contender is University of New Hampshire Chemistry Professor Glen Miller, who resigned recently after being outed for a fake online account where he pretended to be a female minority immigrant in order to point out the issues with transgenderism, diversity extremism and female supremacist feminism trends.

The unnamed chemistry professor at UNH resigned after a four-month investigation that revealed he’d make a fake online account as a female minority where he could rail against left-wing overreach. This, of course, was unacceptable in a left-wing university, so they launched a massive investigation and pressured him to step down.

A letter from the university said that privacy rules limit how much details can be released, but did confirm the resignation.

“While we are limited in what we can say in order to protect the privacy of all involved, we can share that the faculty member chose to resign when the university concluded that the conduct exhibited was not consistent with the university’s values and our expectation that every faculty member contribute to a professional academic environment free of intimidation and harassment,” wrote UNH President James Dean Jr.

Details uncovered last October show that Chemistry department head Glen Miller was made aware of the professor’s online conduct and noted that the professor’s tweets included things which were “hurtful” and “deeply offensive.”

The university did not comment further on this incident, but the online account in question was reportedly posting racist, misogynist, anti-transgender and anti-BLM tweets.

An Online Bully

According to left-wing users who viewed his account, he was encouraging people to pile on against women of color who disagreed with him and routinely criticized attempts to diversify the STEM field (Science Technology Engineering and Medicine). Now that the account is taken down it’s hard to verify, but we can be confident that his opponents may not have always been fully respectful either.

One deranged individual who identifies by the gender-neutral term Latinx called Toby SantaMaria said he was treated poorly by the fake online account and is glad that the chem professor is out of a job.

“Pretending to be a woman on the internet explicitly to bully, shame, harass, and create toxic spaces against POC deserves heavy consequences. It deserves heavy consequences because it shows a deep seated bias against historically excluded groups,” SantaMaria said, adding “If you are a professor, teaching POC, that kind of racism and misogyny is unacceptable.”

Let’s just make sure we have this correctly: teaching critical race theory and anti-White racism is fine, and encouraging BLM violence and insanity makes you a great academic mind, but if you point out any issues in the STEM field with the diversity obsession you are now a horrible monster who doesn’t deserve to have a job or an opinion. Sounds fair.