Two Seniors Brutally Murdered in Broad Daylight in San Francisco

Crime Scene Tape by Null Value is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

San Francisco has been busy renaming its school districts to get rid of the names of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other white colonialist “oppressors.”

The city also has a massive homelessness and drug abuse problem, astronomical property prices and a downtown core full of shuttered businesses destroyed by the costs and coronavirus lockdown rules.

But what happened recently is even surprising city residents, after two elderly men were murdered in broad daylight last week on the same day.

Jack Palladino, 76, was killed by thugs on the street as was 84-year-old Thai man Vicha Ratanapakdee.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, SF Pride 2015 by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

What Happened to Palladino?

Palladino is a well-known private investigator in the SF area and last week his trouble started after he snapped a photo of a suspicious Acura that was driving around where he lived.

The vehicle stopped and they tried to take away Palladino’s camera but he resisted. The Acura sped up and ended up snagging Palladino who had the camera strap around his neck. He was wrenched out and smashed his head on the ground, fracturing his skull.

Palladino was rushed to hospital but died several days ago in hospital at 76. Charges will be filed against two young men in their mid-20s by the names of Lawrence Thomas, 24 and Tyjone Flournoy, 23.

The photos Palladino snapped actually led to cops being able to find and arrest Flournoy and Thomas.

The Murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee

Ratanapakdee was an elderly man who couldn’t see well from Thailand. His family says that his Asian origin as a Thai man could also have been involved in him being targeted by a random 19-year-old monster who cruised up to the neighborhood in a stolen car and then rushed and assaulted Ratanapakdee, cruelly crushing him onto the ground, as can be seen in the tweet below (warning: graphic content).

The suspect in the murder of Ratanapakdee is 19-year-old Antoine Watson who is facing charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. He also had someone helping him out on the crime who was in the stolen vehicle at the time who’s also been arrested.

Neither of the suspects tried to rob Ratanapakdee. Watson just attacked him for the fun of it by all appearances, enjoying killing a defenseless old Asian man who can’t even see.

SF Mayor Reacts

The one positive in this case is that at least the suspects in the murders have been located and will face justice in the near future. To her credit, SF Mayor London Breed responded with no frills to the brutal killings, saying suspects will face the full extent of the law.

“How can anyone think of hurting a defenseless senior? And I want to be clear, you will be held accountable by the police as well as the D.A. There will be consequences,” she said.

As positive it is that Breed is making it clear SF isn’t a lawless zone, the truth is that legalization of drugs combined with a falling economy, collapsed culture and political mismanagement has made San Francisco into a very dangerous place. Nobody can truly feel safe walking its streets next to writhing addicts and desperate junkies looking for a fix.

The fact that elderly people are being brutalized on the streets of SF neighborhoods for no real reason is a clear sign that it’s a city on its way down. There’s obviously no real place left in places like San Francisco for law-abiding and peaceful people. The city is more focused on its Pride marches and protecting Big Tech than it is on keeping its actual day-to-day streets safe from violent criminals.