Two Florida Kids Attack Cops With Machine Guns

Police Lights davidsonscott15 flickr by Provisions is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Want to know what it’s like to be a police officer in America in 2021?

It’s not just the Antifa and BLM rhetoric or the liberal media implying that you’re a racist murderer.

It’s the actual danger of the job…even in the most unexpected and surprising of situations.

The latest example comes out of the city of Enterprise, Florida, which is located about half an hours’ drive north of Orlando.

The recent horrible news out of this city is that Enterprise police ended up in a gunfight with two kids armed with automatic weapons.

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Deputies Face Down Kids Armed With AK47

Officers responded to calls of a break-in. This is where they came across a 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl; both were runaways from a local group home facility called the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home. In addition to running away from the facility, the children also broke into a home they found nearby.

Once inside the house, they found automatic weapons and started firing at them when police arrived. 

According to police, the boy quickly changed his mind and put down his weapon (whose type is not specified) suffering no injury. 

However, the girl kept shooting. She was therefore shot by police who took cover behind trees and engaged her in a firefight. 

When she went down, the police ran to provide her help and save her life. She was rushed to hospital, operated on, and is now in stable condition. 

According to police, the unoccupied home contained a handgun, AK-47, and a shotgun, as well as copious quantities of ammo; this ammo led to the half-hour standoff and four volleys of gunfire between the girl and the cops. 

As Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said, officers “almost lost their lives” in the gunfight despite doing “everything they could” to “de-escalate.”

The girl was also someone who’d been in trouble before. She had been arrested last year for lighting fires around town.

A Broken System

Speaking to media following the incident, Chitwood heavily criticized Florida’s youth justice system. He said that group homes such as the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Enterprise are not the right place for youth with criminal records and histories of violence. 

He’s right. 

Even more so, this incident should remind us of what America’s police are facing on a daily basis. They don’t receive thanks or appreciation from our liberal media or politicians; still, the trauma and pressure they’re placed under in situations like this would permanently break most of us. 

Let’s be honest about that. 

Let’s also be honest that something is truly broken in this country when you have a preteen and a kid firing off automatic weapons at police officers in small-town Florida.