Twitter Suspends Project Veritas and James O’Keefe

James O'Keefe by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

James O’Keefe is one of the few people in America keeping investigative journalism alive.

News programs and journalists used to actually try to find out the truth and ask powerful people difficult questions. Now most of them focus on how much they hate President Trump and how Kamala Harris looks in her new shoes.

But O’Keefe was different. His Project Veritas has worked for years to expose the dirt on both sides of the aisle and show what’s behind the scenes and under the polite face of the progressive machine.

And what O’Keefe and his team discovered was jaw-dropping, from Planned Parenthood to deep racism, encouragement of violence and political bias at major news organizations, Big Tech companies and Democratic institutions.

It comes as no surprise, then, that O’Keefe is being booted off one of the platform that Veritas has helped expose: Twitter.

Tune in LIVE as Rich plays the most recent Project Veritas video concerning the Clinton Campaign by Girard At Large is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Did Twitter Ban O’Keefe?

Twitter has been on a real rampage of banning conservatives including President Trump, but their specific reasons for suspending O’Keefe’s account is interesting. The social media giant banned O’Keefe’s personal account as well as Project Veritas, saying they had broken Twitter’s rules about posting private info on individuals.

Specifically, Project Veritas and O’Keefe released a video where a Project Veritas investigative reporter gets a high-up Facebook official to admit how Facebook’s real policies work. However the Facebook individual Guy Rosen didn’t want to give more info and ran away from the Veritas journalist, leading them to pursue him to outside his home.

According to Twitter this gives away private information about where somebody lives. According to O’Keefe it’s journalism and has no violation of private information.

What Happens in the Veritas Video?

The video shows Veritas reporter Christian Hartsock asking Rosen questions about a leaked video where Rosen admits that Facebook has an automatic algorithm that locks comments for investigation which have any chance of hateful comment. Rosen doesn’t want to talk about it, so Hartsock follows Rosen to his residence.

“Project Veritas talked to Rosen outside his residence, we asked him for comment. He did not reply. There he is,” O’Keefe explains in the video.

Following someone to get them to answer a question is standard journalistic practice, and used to be done back when programs like 60 Minutes did actual investigations and even mainstream networks actually searched for answers to questions and holding powerful people accountable. O’Keefe argues as much in a response video to his Twitter suspension.

“There’s nothing in this tweet that violates private information. By the way, it is the paragon of television reporting to speak with residents outside their homes when it comes to matters of public importance. CNN also confronted an alleged Russian operative inside an apartment building. The Telegraph does this all the time. Many reporters speak with people outside on the street, it’s just what reporters do,” O’Keefe said.

What’s Next?

O’Keefe is going to appeal the decision and it remains to be seen if his account and the Veritas account will be put back online. The only thing that remains certain is that conservatives – and anyone who wants to tell the truth about the corruption and censorship that’s going on – needs to start finding viable alternative platforms. Big Tech is moving quickly to demonize and suspend anyone who’s more right wing than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and if that includes you then it’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

Whether it’s Gab, MeWe, direct message groups or just backyard barbecues, it’s important to have the right to meet and talk peacefully about your political and social views. Big Tech’s prejudiced witch hunt for conservatives is only going to cause more people to wake up as they see the censorship that happens when truth tellers like O’Keefe try to show what’s going on.