Tucker Carlson Tells Shocking Truth About the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is still going on, even though the whole nation has now seen the truth. Last summer, when he shot three rioters in Kenosha, Rittenhouse was defending his life.

His recent decision to take the stand has caused some controversy, as people wondered why Rittenhouse risked the trial in such a way. If you make a mistake during the cross exam or another part, you can go to jail for many years.

Murder defendants generally don’t risk it. Now, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson is sounding off about why Rittenhouse and his legal team decided to go this route.

Tucker Tells the Truth

Speaking on his show Wednesday night, Tucker said Rittenhouse took the stand because Rittenhouse was “already” found innocent.

Even though the case isn’t legally over yet, it’s unimaginable to think how a jury presented with the facts in the trial could end up finding him guilty of homicide.

In fact, as Tucker discussed with Senate candidate JD Vance, this “farce” of a trial is a big stain on the nation; it should never even have happened in a sane political system. When you’re trying to save your life from violent rioters and shoot them, it’s called self-defense.

Spending huge amounts on a trial to figure that out is truly bizarre. Yes, it’s sad the whole situation happened, but it wouldn’t have happened without Biden, Kamala, and the whole team cheering on violent BLM and Antifa agitators.

As Tucker noted, child molester Joseph Rosenbaum got out of a lunatic asylum. He then started violently threatening Rittenhouse before charging him and trying to grab the gun he was holding.

Rosenbaum then got shot, dying the way he’d led his life: by trying to touch an underage person who didn’t want to be touched.

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is 19-year-old Rosenbaum spent time in jail for molesting five young boys under 11-years-old in Arizona. According to court records, the abuse occurred when Rosenbaum came to stay with the family of the boys after his mom kicked him out of her house.

He then started sexually abusing them over numerous weeks before being caught. He had been sentenced to 15 years; although the sentence was mitigated and it appears Rosenbaum was getting treatment for his mental health problems.

This is the guy who ran at Rittenhouse on August 25, 2020, calling him a “n***er” and screaming at him to shoot, while laughing like a maniac.

The other guy who ran at Rittenhouse at first, Anthony Huber, had a record of multiple domestic assaults and was a misogynistic piece of trash.

Neither of these records means they are automatically guilty or Rittenhouse is automatically innocent. However, it’s important to establish these weren’t just two nice young men standing up for “racial justice.” These were creepy thugs trying to severely injure a teenage boy who was there to uphold law and order.