Tucker Carlson Exposes the Brutal Truth About Jan. 6 Inside Job

Tucker Carlson is a truth teller who never pulls his punches. He’s got a special lined up this weekend that exposes the events of January 6 during the Capitol riots.

Let’s be clear: unlike the far left media, Tucker isn’t personally obsessed by J6. His documentary is about how it was used to crackdown on conservatives and come after Trump.

Tucker knows the bigwigs in Washington; he knows how they play their games in New York and DC, but he prefers to play a different game of actually caring about what’s true.

This has liberals infuriated, because his new documentary is all about how the official narrative on J6 is idiotic propaganda.

The Official J6 Narrative vs. Reality

The official J6 narrative is President Trump was bitter about losing the election, so he riled up a crowd of MAGA folks and told them to attack the Capitol. They then stormed past police who were undermanned and ran wild inside the building, trashing sacred objects, and trying to kill members of Congress.

The reality of what happened on J6 is a large crowd of MAGA folks listed to Trump and then the vast majority went on their way peacefully. Afterwards, a very small amount decided to protest and went and shouted at police.

An even smaller amount walking past these folks, taking selfies in the Capitol, and doing silly things like taking papers off Nancy Pelosi’s desk or wearing a Viking helmet in the Senate.

One Trump supporter died of a heart attack; another was trampled in the crowd. Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was shot dead by Capitol police for getting close to the Speaker’s chamber. Officer Brian Sicknick of the Capitol police – who was also a Trump supporter – had a medical incident several days later related to a health problem he had.

That’s the truth of what happened. It also came out Pelosi intentionally ignored Trump’s orders to send the National Guard and properly protect the Capitol.

The Truth of the Biden Regime’s Crackdown on Conservatives

Another thing which the Tucker documentary looks like it’s going to get into is the crackdown on conservatives. Many who were involved in J6 or just at the wrong place at the wrong time are now behind bars awaiting trial.

There was a huge manhunt after J6 to find and track down everyone who was even at the protests or wandered around inside the Capitol and took selfies.

Do you remember a similar panic after the horrible events of last summer when BLM and Antifa went around burning down our cities? No, because it never happened.

Furthermore, two of the top people in J6 are almost definitely informants who helped set it up to entrap people. One is Oathkeepers-fed informant Stewart Rhodes.

The other is Oathkeepers high-up member Ray Epps. Both are clearly on the feds’ payroll and helped directly incite people into going inside the Capitol illegally.