Tucker Carlson Confronted by Fox News Over His Newly-Launched Twitter Show

Even though he’s been out of the limelight for a while now, Tucker Carlson decided to make quite the dramatic entry back onto the news scene, hosting his own show on Twitter.

This happened much to the dismay of the Fox News executives. As it turns out, the show is somehow in breach of his contract with the network, which doesn’t quite make sense, considering Carlson and Fox parted ways over a month ago.

Tucker can’t catch a break

In fact, his new show may just be more successful than the one he had on the major news network.

The short monologue he posted to his Twitter account gathered tens of millions of views in only a few hours; that may just be what Fox News is afraid of.

Nothing stings like having your money taken away from you.

Fox News practically shot themselves in the foot when they decided to let go of Tucker, as he was probably the only thing worth watching on their programming.

Axios obtained a letter from Fox News, which notified Carlson that his show places him in breach of contract, but also that any legal action taken against him by the network would be violating his First Amendment rights.

Freedom of speech be damned

Carlson argued his contract never included his social media accounts, which is exactly why his lawyers agreed it’s within his First Amendment rights to say whatever he wants on Twitter.

Of course, this whole thing was never about any contract Carlson signed with the network and it’s crystal clear Fox News sees the former host’s Twitter show as competition. They know Tucker can blow them out of the water with only a few more videos like this.

On top of that, Fox would love to not have to pay at least a portion of the money they owe Tucker due to his contract; if they’re able to claim he’s breached it, they may just be able to not pay him.

However, there’s little to be gained here. It’s hard to grasp why Fox News would do something that would alienate an entire portion of their viewers.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.