Truth Comes Out About GOP Leader’s Leaked Calls About January 6

The events of January 6, 2021 have continued to haunt conservatives and President Trump ever since they happened.

Despite evidence that informants helped incite the violence and police let protesters into the Capitol, the media and political establishment have worked overtime to paint the right as psychotic insurrectionists.

Everyone who died on January 6 was a Trump supporter, including Ashli Babbitt, who was gunned down in the halls of the Capitol while unarmed.

Now, audio calls from that day between President Trump and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy are being released. Trump is also reacting to this.

What’s on the Calls?

Previously, Trump worked to push McCarthy out as GOP leader, but now he says he’s not upset at McCarthy and bygones are bygones.

In the past, McCarthy turned on Trump after January 6, saying his actions were impossible to “defend” and he was done with supporting Trump.

In leaked calls on January 10, McCarthy told colleagues he was no longer able to back Trump or defend him from the left.

Ultimately, however, McCarthy didn’t follow through on his threats against Trump, which the former president says is evidence the GOP was more unified around him than the left wants to portray.

In a phone call on January 11, McCarthy also said Trump was “responsible” for the violence on January 6 and he needed to publicly “acknowledge” that his words stirred protesters into action.

However, the latest tapes show McCarthy’s claim that he was never going to demand Trump to resign is untrue.

Liberal journalist played the tapes recently on her show to prove McCarthy has been lying.

How Did This Leak?

This latest call shows that McCarthy spoke to RINO Senator Liz Cheney of Wyoming in another call on January 10.

In the call, he tells her he’s going to speak to Trump and try to get him to resign because he thinks Trump doesn’t plan to resign.

McCarthy later walked this back and said he’d come around and never reached that point, which is why the left is making such a big deal of this call now.

It is widely suspected it was leaked by Cheney, one of the leaders of the January 6 committee.

The Bottom Line

There’s really no surprise here. Career politicians like Kevin McCarthy are never really going to understand or appreciate a political outsider like Donald Trump.

They were never truly part of the America First movement, and that continues to hold true today.

No America First patriot is surprised by hearing about McCarthy’s double dealing and sneaky little conversations with Cheney. This is par for the course for the globalist wing of the Republican Party.

The important thing now is that we avoid electing more of them when the midterms come up.